Multi-Purpose Basketball Drill: 3 Man Weave, Passing,
Shooting, and Close-Out Drill

One time-tested drill that basketball players and coaches love to run is the three-man weave. This effective drill teaches footwork, conditioning, passing as well as a number of other important fundamentals. In this lesson, we will take the three-man weave and add another step to get five players involved at once while at the same time working on closing out and rebounding.

Step 1:

The drill begins at half court with the players lining up in three lines. One line in the center, one on the left and one on the right. The player in the center line begins with the ball (player #2 in the diagram). At the same time, two players begin on the baseline standing with a ball, on each side of the block.

Player #2 starts by passing to player #3 on his right side. #2 following his/her pass and cuts wide behind #3 and heads toward the basket.

Step 2:

Player #3 catches the ball and angles to the middle where he/she passes to their left to player #1. Player #3 follows their pass and cuts behind and outside of player #1.

Step 3:

At this point, player #1 should look in the pass from player #3 and jump stop near the free throw line. Upon completion of the jump stop, player #1 makes a crisp bounce pass to player #2 who is cutting hard to the basket.

Step 4:

Player #2 finishes the lay-up and rebounds the ball. Once player #1 has passed the ball he/she cuts to the right elbow and player #3 cuts to the left elbow. Players #1 and #3 square up and create a good passing target. Player #4 makes a good chest pass to player #3 and player #5 does the same to player #1.

Players #4 and #5 follow their pass, closing out on the player they just passed to. As each player closes out, he/she yells “ball, ball, ball” and then “shot” once the ball is in the air. As soon as they yell shot, they must then box-out their shooter and rebound the make or miss.

Step 5:

In order to rotate so that everyone gets to complete a lay-up, shot, or close out, players #1 and #3 remain on the baseline with a basketball and become the passers. Player #4 goes to the middle line and players #2 and #5 fill in on the left and right, respectively.

This simple addition to the three-man weave can become a great pre-game drill because it gets 5 players involved at once and works on multiple areas of the game.

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Ken Sartini says:
9/6/2013 at 6:57:48 PM

This is a DRILL to teach a lot of different things... ball handling, passing, lay ups, closing out properly, boxing out and rebounding.

It teaches a lot of different things all in one drill.


DavidJ says:
9/6/2013 at 6:48:33 PM

"Close out" is where the defensive player rushes towards the person with the ball and takes short choppy steps towards the ball handler. You don't want to rush the ball handler at top speed (especially if they haven't taken their dribble yet) because they'll just wait until the defender gets close enough and then they'll just burst right past them. The short choppy steps a few feet before you get to the ball handler helps the defender react to ball handler if they take their dribble in either direction.


Shane says:
9/6/2013 at 12:15:21 AM

Yes, this is a great drill, for all levels of ability!
However, it has a slightly different ending to what I am used to playing as a full-court drill.
What do you mean exactly when player #4 and #5 "close out" on their opponent? Is that setting up a defence positiion to make them go one way or the other?



Monte Moire says:
9/5/2013 at 5:40:28 AM

Great drill. I love it. Because, like you stated, this drill covers so many aareas; passing , shooting, footwork, defense, rebounding, and conditioning. And it is great for pre-game warmups.


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