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Here is a great drill that improves decision-making to shoot or drive off of the catch.

In the video below, Coach Jim Huber demonstrates the Contested “Shot Read” Drill.

You may have already seen this and other variations at our Shooting Camps and Elite Guard Camps.

Be careful not to over-coach and correct on every repetition.

At the beginning of my coaching career, I corrected too often. This creates indecisive players who freeze when they catch the ball.

I have found that players are much more aggressive and play better if you let them self-learn through repetition. Some figure it out right away. Some take longer.

I engrain the “attack” mentality first. After I’ve done this, I worry about teaching counters to what the defense does. This was influenced by Don Kelbick’s Attack and Counter Skill Development System.

I believe that sometimes the most effective coaching is not coaching too much.

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Robert says:
6/13/2020 at 8:08:40 AM

Action - The Basketball Offense by Robert de Wit

4 out – Triangle Alignment.

We can play this offense two different ways.

You can tweak it the way you like. This offense is work in progress.

Option 1: Offense where the passer takes the initiative to screen or cut after every pass, the other players react on these actions.

What the passer can do:


- Screen away.

- Down Screen

- Ball screen (Dribble hand-off)


- Pass and cut / Give and go.

- Pass to the post and Replace.

- Cut through with the post.

- Dive and Replace (post exchange).

Option 2 = Offense where the big takes the initiative.

Every time the ball passes the guard position the post takes initiative to do one of the following things, the other players react on these actions. No post exchange.

What the big can do:

- Back screen.

- Ball screen.

- Post up / Flash cut.

- Go or stay away.

- Cross screen.


Ash says:
2/10/2016 at 12:22:57 AM

Nice drill and one I use similar on my 10 and 11 year olds except our receivers are on the elbow, don't have a lot of long range shooters..... yet.

If they drive they have one dribble that's it. To change the angles up we also have the pass and the close out travel diagonal across the key.

I like the mentality of the attack, even at this age I am at them imagine are going to tear down the rim or net on each drive. Seems to make them go stronger to that basket.

I can live with any mistake as long as they go hard with everything they have.


Lesley says:
2/9/2016 at 4:33:48 PM

Your are quite correct! It really takes an experience coach to realize this though!


Valery says:
2/9/2016 at 7:20:17 AM

This is so new and fresh. WOW. And details just overwhelming. Forgot close out with both hands this trilling for offense too hard to pick right direction.


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