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Drill Purpose (All Ages)

This is a variation of the Chair Curl drill that adds a ballhandling twist and extra challenge. It combines shooting, ballhandling and speed and high intensity change in direction.


chair_curl1 (1K)
  1. Place a chair, facing sideline, at the foul line extended, within the shooter's range. Place a 2nd chair closer to the basket and to the side of the first chair.

  2. Place a ball on the first chair.

  3. Player starts on the same side block.

chair_curl2 (1K)
  1. Player sprints and curls around the chair (it can be from the baseline or over the top), picks up the ball and takes a jump shot.

chair_curl3 (1K)
  1. After shooter takes the jump shot, he chases down the rebound (puts it in if the jumper was missed - always end on a make).

chair_curl4 (1K)
  1. The player then makes a 1 or 2 change dribble move back around the chair and jabs at the 2nd chair.

chair_curl4 (1K)
  1. Then they make a backup dribble and a quick change to other side of the chair for a jumper.

Points of Emphasis

  • Keep your head up.
  • Use your finger tips when dribbling (not your palms).
  • Teach mentality. There is too much dribbling for no reason in our game today. I like to teach that the primary purpose for putting the ball on the floor is to get a lay-up. If you don't have an opportunity, don't put it on the floor.
  • Basketball is a game of length. Work on lengthening the dribble. Work to get your opportunities with 1 dribble. You don't beat defenses with your dribble. You beat people with your feet; you SEPARATE from your defense with the dribble.
  • Basketball is also a game of angles. Try to move in straight lines. Whenever you make an "East-West" move (something that takes you toward the sideline), re-capture a "North-South" path (direct line to the basket) as quickly as possible.
  • Don't do in 2 dribbles things you can do in 1.
  • Practice outside your comfort zone. Experiment; go faster than you are used to, use your imagination. When working on new skills, don't be concerned with losing the ball. Just pick it up and do it again.
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Joe Haefner says:
11/30/2012 at 12:04:07 PM

Trevor, that would just mean a dribble move. Crossover, behind back, btw legs, inside out, etc.


Trevor says:
11/29/2012 at 6:38:35 PM

What do you mean by change dribble? Is that a change of pace dribble or 2 different dribble moves, cross over, through legs etc.


Joe Haefner says:
12/13/2008 at 8:04:05 AM

Hi Kendrick,

This page should help you:

It covers basic drills for that age group.

You could also check out our 'Coaching Youth Basketball' section for more articles, drills, and tips:


kendrick says:
12/12/2008 at 3:02:29 PM

All these tips and drills are great. What kind of dribbling drills I could do with 7 and 8 year olds?


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