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A Ball Handling Workout For Beginners

- By

Here is a sample workout for beginners from our Ball Handling Workout App.

In this workout, there is a heavier emphasis on stationary drills because it is geared towards beginners. As you progress through the workouts and develop skill and confidence, you advance to drills that incorporate more game-like movements.

1 Leg Balance - Overhead Reach

This drill improves your strength, balance, and stability. It's a great way to warm up and strengthen your body at the same time.

This also reduces "energy leaks." As a result, athletes accelerate and change directions more quickly - which are very important skills for great ball handlers. Additionally, by having more stability, it can improve your jumping.

Left Leg

Right Leg


Lift your leg off the ground and balance on your foot. While balancing on your foot, move the ball up above your head and then back down to your waist.

Points of Emphasis

  • Look straight ahead.
  • Don't let your foot touch the ground.
  • As you move the ball, extend your arms all the way up and back down.

Run drill for 25 seconds for each leg

Pound Dribble Knee High

While this is a simple drill meant to improve your ball handling, it can also be used by advanced players as a great warm up exercise. It improves hand quickness, coordination, and strength.

Left Hand

Right Hand


Bend your knees and dribble (POUND) the basketball. The ball should come up to your KNEE on each dribble.

CHALLENGE: Get as many dribbles as possible in 30 seconds. Record your results below.

Basic = 50 reps. Intermediate = 80 reps. Advanced = 100 reps.

Points of Emphasis

  • Pound the ball as hard as you can!
  • Keep eyes up (look forward) while dribbling.
  • Ball should touch finger pads on each dribble.

Run drill for 30 seconds with each hand.

Half Circle Dribble Stretch

Here is another variation to continue to develop your feel for the basketball. This also gets your body used to dribbling the ball at different angles around your body.

Left Hand

Right Hand


Get in an athletic stance. Dribble the ball a few inches off the ground. Twist your body to the right and dribble as far to the right as you can, while your feet stay in the same position. Move the ball back the other direction and twist as far as you can to the left. Repeat.

Points of Emphasis

  • Keep the ball low... a few inches off the ground.
  • Dribble with your finger pads.
  • Avoid "slapping" the ball... spread fingers out and use your finger pads.
  • Keep your eyes up.

Run drill for 30 seconds for each hand.

Crossovers - Regular

This is a beginner progression for developing your crossover move.


Bend your knees and dribble the basketball back and forth from left hand to right hand. Keep the ball in front of your body and very low to the ground so the pace of the dribble is fast.

Points of Emphasis

  • Keep eyes up (look forward) while dribbling.
  • Ball should touch finger pads on each dribble.

Run drill for 30 seconds

Cone Touch Dribbling

This drill is a fun way to work on dribbling. It also improves acceleration, change of direction, and forces you to be aware of your surroundings. Additionally, by touching the cone, it forces players to stay low and keep their hips down.

Left Hand

Right Hand


Spread 7-10 cones in a 10-15 yard grid. Touch as many cones as you can in allotted time. After touching a cone, you can't come back to that cone until you touch at least two others. You must touch all the cones at least once before finishing.

Count the number of cones you touch and record your results below.

Points of Emphasis

  • Keep your eyes up
  • Go as fast as you can
  • Keep your dribble alive (don't pick up the ball with two hands)

Run drill for 30 seconds

Wall or Partner Passing - Chest Pass

Being able to pass the ball is another very important skill for players. This is a beginner progression that you can use by yourself.


Practice catching and receiving a chest pass. Stand 10-15 feet away from your partner. If you don't have a partner, stand 10-15 feet from a wall. Pass the ball against the wall. Pick a spot on the wall and try to hit the same spot on each pass.

CHALLENGE: Get as many passes as possible in 30 seconds. Record your results below.

Run drill for 30 seconds

Ball Handling Workout App

If you're looking for more workouts (24 skill levels) and drills (200+), check out our Ball Handling Workout App. If you don't like it, just ask for a refund. No questions asked.

What do you think? Let us know by leaving your comments, suggestions, and questions...

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clinton brown says:
4/27/2017 at 11:51:51 AM

great work outs


Michelle says:
4/28/2017 at 5:04:41 AM

Fantastic drills, just what I need for my juniors of new and seasoned players. I specifically like the cone touching drill, which encourages the player to think and coordinate at the same time.
Thanks for your constant and worthwhile information it has helped me as a coach tremendously.


Frank Basha says:
4/28/2017 at 7:07:33 PM



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