Basketball Golf Shooting Drill

Drill Purpose:

This is a fun shooting game where you shoot from a variety of spots.


  1. Pick 9 spots. Start with a par of 18. Raise or lower this number based on age and skill level.
  1. Go to each spot and track how many shots it takes to make a shot from each of the nine spots.
  1. Count the total number of shots taken.

Your goal should be to shoot par or below.


You can also vary your shots from each spot. Other types of shots can include:

  • Stationary shots
  • Spin outs
  • 1 dribble jump shots
  • Bank shots

Please leave your comments, suggestions, and questions below...


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Chad Morgan says:
3/27/2014 at 3:14:57 PM

I use a similar golf game for my U12's except they start from a spot, shoot and rebound. They try to rebound without ball bouncing, but maximum allowed is one bounce before they must have ball in hand. Where they rebound the ball is where they take their next shot from - hence they are (usually) moving closer to 'the hole' each shot. Each hole has maximum 5 shots - they score the amount of shots it takes for them to get goal. If they haven't got a goal after 4 shots they score 5. If the ball bounces twice before they have in their hand (anytime) - they score 5. Lowest score wins after completing multiple 'holes'.


Ken Sartini says:
3/25/2014 at 10:35:15 AM

Like a different version of knockout... looks like a great game... any time the kids can have fun and improve their game... its a plus.


Tito says:
3/14/2014 at 11:29:34 PM

I try the Basketball Golf Shooting Drill at my last practice it went over well with the team. I added a variation where once the player was on the 3rd hole the next player in line would start his game. It create a level of pressure for the front shooters. sometimes some players were pass by the players behind them. Nice simple drill.


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