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Coach Jim Huber instructs a drill from our Ball Handling & Finishing Camps.

This drill teaches the players how to effectively finish in a 2 on 1 situation out of the fast break.

Adding the trailing defender makes it more realistic. That way, if the offense takes too much time, they lose the advantage.

Here are some tips from Coach Huber in the video...

First player needs to attack.

You need to attack because this does not allow the trailing defender to catch up. It also forces the defender to commit to the player with or without the ball.

If they commit to the ball, a pass will result in a lay up.

If they don't commit to the ball, an extra dribble results in a lay up.

This is all set up with the attack mentality.

Avoid Too Much Passing

You want to avoid too much passing because it can take too much time. This allows the defense to recover. And 2 on 2 results in fewer points than 2 on 1.

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