17 Basketball Stationary Dribbling Drills - Youth to Pros!

These are some great stationary dribbling drills for all skill levels to do. These drills improve your feel for the basketball, develop hand-eye coordination, and get you warmed up and ready to play.

And make sure to do these stationary drills BEFORE you get on the court. Do the drills in a hallway, sideline, or somewhere else. That way, when you get on the court...

1 - You can maximize your court time with drills where you need a court and basket.

2 - Do dribbling drills on the move.

So if you have the gym reserved at 6pm, get there at 5:45pm, spend three to five minutes on six or seven of these dribbling drills. Then you can do other exercises to warm up, improve athleticism, and prevent injuries.

Also, if you have enough space, it's best if you walk or slowly jog while doing the drills. However, with beginners, you might have to start stationary before moving.

And be sure to read our warning about stationary dribbling drills at the bottom of the page!

Stationary Dribbling Drills - One Ball

Dribbling Drill #1: One Ball Pound Dribble - Low, Waist, Shoulder

You want topound the ball into the floor. You want the ball to spend minimal time out of your hand. You want to push with your fingertips and finger pad.

With the pound dribble, you start in a low, athletic stance. You want to have your butt down, chest up, and your head above your shoulders. You don't want to be leaning over.

You start with your opposite arm up to protect the ball. And you should be looking over your shoulder. You want your head centered over your feet with your eyes up. You can also look at the rim to practice dribbling with your eyes and head up.

To practice keeping your eyes up, you can also have someone stand in front of you. The person flashes different numbers with their fingers. You have to keep your eyes up, so you can call out the numbers. The person can be a workout partner, coach, parent, sibling, or anybody else.

This is also called a control dribble or protect the ball dribble. This stance is a great way to protect the ball or advance the ball against pressure.

Dribble as hard as you can to improve hand strength, quickness, and your ability to control the ball. It's okay to lose the ball.

Low - You start dribbling the ball really low around your ankles.

Waist - Then you start dribbling the ball at your waist.

Shoulder - Then you start dribbling the ball at shoulder level.

It's vital to be able to dribble the ball at different levels. When a defender gets close to you in a half court setting, you might need to dribble the ball low to protect it. When you are sprinting in a fast break situation, you might be dribbling at shoulder height which allows you to push the ball out and dribble with speed.

Dribbling Drill #2: Dribble Jab Fake

With the dribble jab, you jab your foot in the direction of the defender as you are doing the pound dribble.

This is a great way to use fakes to back the defender off. It is also a good way to practice the footwork needed in a hesitation jab step move.

Dribbling Drill #3: Side to Side, Front to Back

Here is an advanced dribbling drill where you alternate from dribbling the ball side to side in front of you to dribbling the ball front to back on the side of you.

If this is too difficult, you can also isolate the side to side dribble or the front to back dribble, so you're only doing one at a time.

Dribbling Drill #4: Dribble Circles - One Leg

With this drill, you are dribbling the ball around one leg with one hand. Make sure to use the armbar to practice protecting the basketball.

Make sure to practice going clockwise and counterclockwise around your leg.

When dribbling around the right leg, use your right hand. When dribbling around your left leg, use your left leg.

A way to make this easier for beginners is to use both hands when dribbling around one leg.

Dribbling Drill #5: Figure Eight - One Hand

This is another advanced dribbling drill. You dribble the ball in a figure eight motion around both of your legs. However, you only use one hand.

You want to practice going both directions with each hand.

Dribbling Drill #6: Figure 8 - Both Hands

To make this easier for beginners, you allow them to use both hands with the figure 8 dribble.

For other variations, you can also change the height of the dribble to waist and shoulder.

Dribbling Drill #7: One Dribble Figure 8 - Both Hands

For the figure 8, you can also limit the amount of dribbles around each leg. With this progression, you only do one dribble.

Dribbling Drill #8: Spider Dribble

This is the drill that improves your hand quickness and hand-eye coordination.

Your goal is to keep the ball centered between your legs and dribble as fast as you can. It's easier to start slow then ramp up your speed as you develop a rhythm.

One way to do the dribble is tap right in front of body, tap left in front of body, tap right behind back, tap left behind back, and you would continue this over and over.

Dribbling Drill #9: One Dribble Crossover - With Foot Fake

You want to take one dribble then execute a crossover dribble. To add another layer to it, you can include a jab step fake. This helps get the defender to lean to one direction to open up a driving lane to the basket.

You want to snap the ball across. That way, it gives the defender less time to react and the ball spends less time out of your hand.

Dribbling Drill #10: Continuous Crossover

With this drill, you still use the crossover. However, you do it continuously. You do it as fast as you can. You want to get the dribble wide outside of your knees too.

Dribbling Drill #11: Between the Legs - One Dribble

With this drill, you take one dribble, then dribble between your legs from front to back. You want to switch directions of your feet quickly in the direction of where you are dribbling. This helps you get in the proper position to quickly explode forward.

Dribbling Drill #12: Continuous Between the Legs

For this one, you continuously dribble the ball between your legs while switching feet. This is also called a scissor dribble.

Dribbling Drill #13: Behind the Back - One Dribble

You take one dribble, then dribble behind the back. It's like a crossover behind the back. Make sure to use the jab to fake to the opposite direction.

Dribbling Drill #14: Behind the Back - Continuous

You continuously dribble back and forth behind your back. There are no dribbles in between. You gradually lower the dribble to get as low as you can.

Dribbling Drill #15: Inside Out

You take the ball across the middle of the body. Then you bring it back to the outside. You go from inside to outside in one continuous dribble. You jab step fake to the opposite direction with your opposite foot. You also use your head and shoulders to sell the fake in the opposite direction. This is a counter to a crossover dribble.

Dribbling Drill #16: Inside Out - Crossover

Now, you add a crossover dribble to the inside out dribble. You immediately crossover dribble after the inside out dribble. This is a way to counter the inside out dribble if a defender stops you.

Dribbling Drill #17: Inside Out - Crossover - Between Legs - Behind the Back

Now, you go from inside out to crossover to between the legs to behind the back. This is a way to practice a bunch of dribbling moves all at once.

Warning! About Stationary Dribbling Drills

These are some fun drills to get the body warmed up and are a nice progression for beginners. However, only spend a few minutes on them and don't waste any court time on them!

It's vital to practice dribbling on the move and against defenders. The dribbling angle and body mechanics actually change when you dribble on the move and you add a defender. So you could be practicing skills that don't translate to what you're doing during actual games.

Here is another great resource that includes more dribbling drills on the move and against live defenders. Most of the drills are labeled, so you can quickly find them.

30 Dribbling Drills to Develop Unstoppable Handles!

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