2-1-0 Dribbling Drills - How the "Three Step Dribble Progression" Makes Your Drills More Efficient

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These are some of my favorite stationary dribbling progressions used in our shooting & ball handling camps. It's really quick, efficient, and effective for all age levels.

These drills improve your feel for the basketball, develop hand-eye coordination, and get you warmed up and ready to play.

When to Use the Drill

Even though the video lasts 6 minutes, the progression only takes 2-3 minutes in practice. If you can, try to do these stationary drills BEFORE you get on the court. Do the drills in a hallway, sideline, or somewhere else. That way, when you get on the court...

1 - You can maximize your court time with drills where you need a court and basket.

2 - Do dribbling drills on the move.

So if you have the gym reserved at 6pm, get there at 5:45pm, spend a few minutes on these dribbling drills. Then you can do other exercises to warm up, improve athleticism, and prevent injuries.

Also, if you have enough space, itís best if you walk or slowly jog while doing the drills. However, with beginners, you might have to start stationary before moving.

Points of Emphasis

In the video, Jim Huber demonstrates progressions and key teaching points to execute each dribble correctly.

He also mentions a few universal teaching points that are important:

  1. Pound the Ball - When doing the drill, you want to pound (smash) the ball as hard as you can! This improves your hand speed, strength, and confidence with the ball.

  2. Eyes Up - You should also keep your eyes up. That way, you see the entire floor when handling the ball during a game.

  3. Snap it Low - You should also snap the ball quickly and keep it low when crossing in front, through legs or behind the back.

  4. Go fast enough to make a mistake - If you do this for 60 seconds and never lose the ball, you're not going quick enough, low enough, etc.

The KEY to this drill is to dribble with your eyes up and smashing the ball as hard as you can! This develops confidence, arm strength, quicker hands, quicker dribbles, and better ballhandling skills.

Why the 2-1-0 Progression is Efficient

By using the "2-1-0" dribble progression, you can keep the drill moving and quickly challenge yourself without stopping.

You quickly transition every five to ten seconds from "2 dribbles", then "1 dribble", then "0 dribbles" (aka: continuous or no dribbles).

Once you learn the basics, you don't stop. In practices, you just pick a move and how many dribbles to use in between. And you keep dribbling non-stop for 2-3 minutes.

I often see practices where coaches or trainers use stationary dribbling, and every time they change, they demonstrate what to do. This takes TIME -- which equates to lower efficiency and fewer touches for players.

The "2-1-0" concept is just a simple way to challenge you and keep you working without stopping.


You can apply this progression to a number of dribble moves and modify this drill in many ways. Here are just a few variations to consider:

  • Go in reverse order (surprisingly hard at first) -- 0 dribbles (continuous), then 1 dribble, then 2 dribbles.

  • Remove, add, or reorder the moves used. (We usually skip the "split through the legs" dribble.)

  • Start with 3 dribbles.... (3 dribbles - 2 dribbles - 1 dribble - 0 dribbles).

  • Use "doubles" with cross, legs, and back.

Why We Like This Drill

We like this drill because...

  • It's versatile -- it doesn't require any equipment or basketball hoops. You just need a basketball and a little bit of space.

  • It works for 1 player alone in the gym or with 50 players on one court. Again, it's versatile.

  • Every player has a ball in their hands -- so players get lots of reps in a short amount of time.

  • It works for all age levels -- younger kids go slower and might not be able to keep their eyes up. Older players go faster, pound ball harder, and keep eyes up for a challenge.

  • It's fast paced and efficient.

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Elkanah says:
8/21/2020 at 4:32:46 AM

Hi I''''m from Abuja,Nigeria.... how can I get into the basketball academy.....


Orville Greene says:
3/1/2017 at 2:12:55 PM

I'll be using this drill from now on with our U19 and U16 Girls teams.thank you

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James LaMacchia says:
3/1/2017 at 9:03:25 AM


Great video, where can i find this? Is it on DVD somewhere?


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Jeff Haefner says:
3/1/2017 at 9:35:08 AM

This is not currently on a DVD. But all these drills and many more can be seen at our ballhandling camps.

And lots of ballhandling drills like this can be found in these workouts:


Dan Lopez says:
10/22/2023 at 2:59:38 PM

Thank you


Coach Steve says:
3/1/2017 at 8:57:17 AM

How about doing these drills with 8th grade girls using dribble goggles?

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Jeff Haefner says:
3/1/2017 at 9:31:47 AM

You could definitely use dribble goggles with this drill:

If you do, be sure you have the goggles ready to get on quickly and train players to put them on and take off quickly so practice time is not wasted.


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