Get More Rebounds and Win More Games

To win basketball games consistently, it's a fact that you must find a way to consistently take more shots than your opponents.

Basketball is simple and to win you must either shoot a higher percentage than your opponent and/or you need to TAKE MORE SHOTS than them.

So how do you get more shots than your opponent?

Well, one blatantly obvious way is to get more rebounds in every game that you play.

I personally believe (and so do many other coaches) that rebounding is an incredibly important aspect to basketball and not enough coaches devote enough time to rebounding.

To prove the point, here are 5 reasons that rebounding has a more profound impact on winning than you thinků


Reason #1 - Excellent rebounding will give your team more chances to score and give your opponent fewer chances to score.

Just one offensive rebound could literally give your team as much as a 6 point swing! This is because you get an extra shot (could be up to 3 points) and you take one opportunity away from your opponent (could be up to 3 points). That's a 6 point swing in your favor.

FACT #2 - Excellent rebounding will actually improve your team's shooting percentage.

Many times, offensive rebounds are put-backs from close in. These are high percentage shots that usually go in. Plus, a defensive rebound ending in a good outlet pass can allow for a fast break score before the opposing team can even set up their defense. Many times, these are easy high percentage shots.

Every great play often starts with a REBOUND. If you're good at rebounding, your team's shooting percentage will go up.

FACT #3 - Excellent rebounding will lower your opponent's shooting percentage.

By cleaning up the boards, you stop the other team from getting out and running consistently. You also take away THEIR easy put backs on the offensive end.

FACT #4 - Excellent rebounding will get you to the free throw line more often.

Not to mention, rebounding can get your opponent in foul trouble. How many times do you see a fouling situation occur on an offensive rebound put back?

FACT #5 - Excellent rebounding usually means your team has more heart -- and better defense.

If your team has more heart (which is what rebounding requires), then it is probably going to spill over to the defensive end of the court.

With all these benefits, how much practice time do you actually devote to rebounding?

If you want to be good at it, I promise that you must do MORE than talk about it. That's only a very small piece of the puzzle.

Almost every coach talks about rebounding, but very few do what it takes to excel.

If you would like a proven method to consistently out rebound your opponent and become a powerhouse on the boards, check out our step by step rebounding guide and drills.

I highly recommend considering the rebounding strategies that we present in these eBooks. They will help you win more games, guaranteed!

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Matt says:
4/26/2020 at 8:43:32 AM

This is great advice about rebounding. I''m intrigued with the growing lack of emphasis on rebounding at all levels. There''s actually controversy whether rebounding still has a direct correlation to winning in the NBA. Those who argue this don''t recognize ~47 the of the top 50 career rebounding leaders are retired. This kind of says to me, we''re a decade in to a non-rebounding basketball culture.


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