How to Handle the Rough Seas of Parent Conflicts

If you want to dramatically reduce stress from parent interactions next season...

It's so important to have a well thought out coaching philosophy...

Because just like a ship's ballast keeps it secure and steady in even the roughest of seas...

Your personal coaching philosophy is what will keep you anchored... no matter how rough the seas get!

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See, it's your philosophy that guides your decisions...

And when a parent (or anyone else) questions one of your decisions... as long as your philosophy is truly "ingrained" in you... you'll be able to explain your position calmly and confidently.

In my experience (and from talking with other coaches), when you can express your underlying philosophy clearly and calmly... it'll defuse a lot of uncomfortable situations...

Leaving the other person with a better appreciation and respect for where you're coming from.

And in the rare interaction with someone who persists...

You'll be perfectly confident in your decision... so that any mean-spirited comment will be like water off a duck's back!

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That's why it's so important...

To know your own philosophy inside-and-out... to the point that you can effortlessly recite it (and even write it down).

Eventually, your ability to talk about your philosophy should come as natural as breathing.

If you need help fleshing out your own personal coaching philosophy... here are 7 questions from Jim Huber's Youth Coaching System that should help get you on the right track.

1) Why do you coach - or, what's your Mission?

2) What is your coaching style, and how should you carry yourself?

3) What's your definition of success for your players?

4) Would you want to be coached by you? And are you someone that you would want to play for?

5) What are the core values you want your players to reflect?

6) Where do you stand on winning vs. player development?

7) What do your players want out of the experience?

And when you add in preseason parent meetings, this will help you quickly defuse conflicts and have a more enjoyable season!


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