How To Get A PHD Education In Basketball Or Anything - Without Sacrificing 1 Minute Of Your Day

I’m sure many of you are strapped for time. You want to improve in all areas of life, but it’s nearly impossible because you don’t have one extra minute to sacrifice.

You need rest and relaxation time. And you might have a family that needs your attention as well.

Well, I figured out a simple way to get an education without sacrificing one minute of your day.

It’s so silly... you’ll probably laugh.

You simply listen to podcasts.

Wow... earth-shattering.. right?

However, the use and application to the way that you listen to the podcasts is the most important part.

Think about how much time you have during the day where you’re not doing anything productive. And you can't watch a video or read something because you're working on something. I like to call this mindless work time.

You do things like...

  • In the car - driving to work, bus trips, dropping the kids off at school.
  • Walking the dog
  • Doing yardwork & mowing the lawn
  • Exercising
  • Doing housework
  • Cooking dinner & cleaning dishes
  • Eating lunch
  • Time in the bathroom - showering, brushing your teeth, etc.

Now, while you’re doing this mindless work, listen to podcasts! You can educate yourself while doing things that need to be done.

This literally has added 1 to 2 hours of education to my life every day without sacrificing one minute of my free time. That is HUGE...That can be over 700 hours a year! In just a few years, that can be a PHD education.

In addition to improving my productivity and enhancing my knowledge about business, investing, relationships, communication, and health... this simple idea helped me cure a TMD/TMJ issue that I had been suffering with for years. And anybody that suffers from this condition understands how it can greatly affect your anxiety and irritability because your body is constantly stressed and in flight-or-flight mode. This idea was literally a life-changer for me.

Breakthrough Basketball Podcasts - The Jim Huber Show

That’s part of the reason we started Breakthrough Basketball podcasts with the Jim Huber Show. We want to provide a great basketball education for coaches, parents, and players. In addition, how essential skills and habits that you make you better at basketball... whether it’s coaching or playing... can also be applied to life to make you a better person.

Since we’ve launched a couple of months ago, we’ve gotten great feedback.

No Blathering - Precise and On Point

“Most podcasts I hear are 25 minutes of blathering and maybe 5 minutes of actual info I can use. Kudos to packing these things full of real info I can use and immediately make my team better today. I don’t have time to waste and this is like a masters class that I can listen to on my drive to work. 20 minutes and I show up a better coach!” - The Dobber

Best Basketball Podcast On iTunes

“I listen to a lot of basketball podcasts, this one is by far the best on iTunes. Breakthrough Basketball has a ton of great resources on the website as well. The podcast is full of knowledge and has very verse guests on the show. This podcasts hit more than just coaching, it hits life lessons as a coach and coaching family. I look forward to the podcast each week and greatly enjoy the 3 questions at the end. The book question is another great resource for developing the mind in coaching. Subscribe, it’s worth it.” - Mr. Joshua Todd

Love The Timeline Provided

“I’m a huge fan of Breakthrough Basketball, through which I discovered your podcast. I’ve enjoyed many selections and interviews. What I especially appreciate is the timeline breakdown of each podcast. Thank you for taking the time to put together such great material for coaches such as myself.” - DJ Natalia

Wow-ed With The Guests!

Great stories told from the interviews on these podcasts. Jim and Troy continue to WOW with the guest they speak with each week.

Subscribe To Podcast and Sign Up For Newsletter

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That way, you can receive free prizes, get the timeline and notes from the podcasts, resources from the guests, and other free articles to make you a better coach, parent, or player.

Recent Guests

  • Greg McDermott - University of Creighton’s Men’s Coach - Father of Collegiate Great Doug McDermott

  • Mike Neighbors - University of Washington’s Women’s Coach

  • Matt Doherty - Former UNC and Notre Dame Coach / Current NBA Scout

  • Phil Beckner - Trained and Still Trains NBA Superstar Damian Lillard

  • Tony Barone - Former Memphis Grizzlies Coach & Assisted Hubie Brown

  • Derek Kellogg - UMASS Head Coach

  • Jon Gordon - Consultant To Numerous Professional Teams On Positive Leadership

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Lebron James says:
11/17/2018 at 3:20:27 PM

Thank you so much this was very helpful


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