New 3 on 3 Tournament Directory - Need Your Help

As you might already know, we're big fans of playing 3on3.

We think it's awesome for skill development at all age levels because...

  • You get more touches on the ball (you're only sharing it with 5 players instead of 9).

    6 passes is an average possession in 3on3, meaning each player will have the ball at least TWICE every possession. Players will have the ball at least 15 times in a 5 minute game. In a normal 5 on 5 game some, players only touch the ball 1 to 3 times.

  • You have more space to try new moves and practice new skills.

  • Your defensive footwork and agility gets challenged because you have to cover more distance with fewer players on the court.

  • You IMPROVE passing, dribbling, shooting, cutting, spacing, rebounding and defense.

  • All players have equal opportunity to make plays and help their team win.

We wish there were more 3on3 leagues and tournaments for young kids. We think that all youth kids should play 3on3 exclusively until about 5th or 6th grade.

NEW 3on3 Tournament Directory (140 on the list and counting)

It can be difficult to find tournaments in your area. So to help out, we started a directory of 3on3 tournaments in each state:

We have over 140 tournaments on this list. But we know there are hundreds more that we have missed. And we NEED YOUR HELP to add more...

So if you know of any 3 on 3 tournaments that are not in our directory, please add them here:

Let's try to keep this directory up to date and accurate -- to make it easier for everyone to find good tournaments and leagues in their area.

If you have questions, let us know.

Thank you and we hope you find this new resource useful.