What Would You Like to Know About Shooting?

Since our last survey worked so well and it helped us greatly improve our last eBook, we're doing it again. We'd like you to contribute...

As many of you know, we're working on an eBook that will teach players how to become great shooters and increase their percentage. And the book will also teach coaches how to develop an entire team of great shooters.

We have interviewed some of the TOP shooting experts in the world and we're pulling everything together into ONE comprehensive resource for you. (It's pretty exciting because no one else has done anything like this before. But we'll tell you more about that later.)

For now, here's just a really quick taste of some of the things we've included:

  • How to develop great mechanics.
  • How to develop SUPREME shooting confidence.
  • Six things you can do to immediately boost your shooting percentage.
  • Dozens of shooting drills for coaches and players.
  • Secrets to improve your footwork and make shots in high speed game situations.
  • The mental aspects of shooting... How to give your entire team a mental edge on the competition.
  • How to get your shot off quicker, before the defense can react.
  • How to practice "Smart" and get more done in less time.
  • How to break out terrible shooting slumps.
  • How to avoid and fix common mistakes that can destroy your shot.
  • For players: A step by step plan to increase your shooting percentage.
  • For coaches: A step by step plan to increase your entire teams shooting percentage.
We're literally on our third revision of this book and we haven't even released it yet. It just keeps evolving and we've spent a huge amount of time developing this product (MUCH more than we intended to).

In our last eBook, we asked our subscribers what they wanted and it immensely helped us improve it! So we want to do the same thing again...

We want to make sure we include EVERYTHING YOU want.

So please answer a couple quick questions to help us out (just post your answers below)...

Don't worry if someone else already made the same request -- please enter your comments anyway because we want to know if there's a certain thing that LOTS of people want.

Thank you.

Jeff and Joe Haefner

What would you like covered in the basketball shooting eBook?

What would you like to know about developing your shot and increasing your shooting percentage?

What are your most burning questions about shooting and developing a great team of shooters?

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2/27/2008 at 4:02:23 AM

thanks for your response i have done everythings possible but my team still lack the shooting techniques, i have lost two matches because my team were only good in driving but theycant shoot one of the point gurd ileri adeoye is some shoot stop shooting giving reasons that his team mate do screem on him whenever he misses a shot what can i do to stop or to improve on this problem before the next championship in two weeks time
thanks loooking forward for your response.


BIll Stone says:
2/26/2008 at 11:24:13 AM


I coach girls basketball @ the high school level. I have never seen such eratic/inconsistent shooting as I have w/ the girls...most of the teams we play against as well.

W/ some of the girls, it is anyones guess as to if the ball will even come w/in 4 feet of the hoop. This includes all shots, not just three point shooting. The girls seem to not be as nearly acurate/consistent as the boys, and it certainly is not for lack of repetition.




Ben Fraser says:
2/25/2008 at 12:55:09 AM

1. Drills for adults with little or no fine motor skills.
2. Knowing when to shoot and which shot to use.



Shaun Moore says:
2/24/2008 at 4:06:32 PM

I help out with basketball teams like are senior men, intermediates,and 17under boys.Basically all ages . I watch them shoot a ball or do a jump shot and most of them have bad form.i'd like to teach them some shooting techniques and drills. Can you help me out it will greatly appreciated.


buckyB-ball says:
2/21/2008 at 4:45:30 PM

I coach girls varsity basketball and need some shooting drills for my guards.


Geo B says:
2/19/2008 at 2:59:12 PM

My daughter, who is 10 years old is the best player on her team and a very good ballhandler. However, because she plays the point guard, when she passes the ball it never comes back to her even though she is the best shooter on the team. How can we teach her to create her own jump shot, especially when the opposing team goes into zone defense? My daughter usually plays against girls who are older and much taller than her.


stuart says:
2/16/2008 at 11:49:52 AM

How can I shoot better without geting the ball steald?


Lindsay B says:
2/14/2008 at 10:34:32 PM

I would like to get supreme shooting confidence...as well as get the six things needed for my shooting percentage. I am 14yrs


Proper Form for girls says:
2/14/2008 at 6:59:45 PM

I was wondering if there is a wrong or correct way to shoot for girls?
I have been teaching a few girls to raise the ball in front of there face and above there forehead, yet a the a girls head coach corrected me by saying that girls should shoot on the side
The girl i coached, i notice a big improvement in her shot when she shot the way I told her


Ariel Rabe says:
2/12/2008 at 11:35:29 PM

For Ms. Paula Wilkinson.

One should really exercise utmost patience with kids of this age range. One on one teaching, far from hearing distance of the others, is more effective at the start. But when the kid is already at it, he/she is more than willing to join the others and practice shooting the right way. First, face to face with the coach, with the ball at kid's hip level and the shooting arm moving upward in front of the torso, head, eyes (left or right of shooting arm). Help the kid to realize that he can do it even if the basketball is bigger that his/her hand. Outstretched shooting arm upon release of the ball. And the timing of the stroke and follow-through and back-spin must be given emphasis. My suggestions: Focus first on footwork and dribbling. Shooting will take care of itself when the kid's legs, feet and arms and fingers are strong enough to hold and dribble the ball.

Hoping this will help you ma'm.


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