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Basketball Coaching Sites

Coaches Clipboard Basketball - This site has a TON of great information for basketball coaches and players (plays, drills, tips, offenses, defenses, etc)

Hundreds of Basketball Coaching Tools - Coaching Toolbox

Bob Bigelow - Bob is one of the foremost youth sports speakers in the country. He advocates fully meeting the needs of children as the top priority in youth sports programs, and provides new approaches for positive change in youth sports.

My Basketball Basics - Excellent basketball tips and fundamental instruction rooted in the basic elements of the game.

How To Coach Youth Basketball - Excellent information on coaching basketball at the youth level.

Top Basketball Coaching - Ronn Wyckoff's basketball coaching website that has highly recommend free resources, books, and DVDs.

Basketball Coaching Blogs

COBA Coaching Development Blog

Eric Musselman's Basketball Notebook

The Cross Over Movement

Blog for the Aging Basketball Player

Coach's Network

Basketball Coaching Books

Basketball on Paper - Very interesting book by Dean Oliver. You'll learn what basketball statistics really mean and how you should look at them. The most commonly used statistics are deceiving. You'll learn why in this book.

Coaching Basketball Successfully by Morgan Wooten - One of the best basketball coaching books ever written. We highly recommend it for all coaching levels.

Everyone Hates a Ball Hog but they All Love a Scorer - Are you a basketball player that wants to learn how to score more points? Read this excellent book by Koran Godwin. Are you a coach that wants to develop scorers? You should read his book too.

Coaching Youth Basketball with Faith and Fundamentals - Great book by Mike Kayes. It addresses the physical, mental, and spiritual development invovled in coaching and learning the game of basketball.