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Topic:  Press Breakers

Question from Kelly:
My team keeps getting beat by the press. What can I do to break the press?

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Jeff Haefner says:
8/9/2010 at 12:38:13 PM

Here's a new video and article that will help you break any type of press:


Coach Taylor says:
11/21/2008 at 9:08:26 AM

My team needs a press breaker, when the opposing team doubles the point guard with a full court man-to-man press


Joe (Co-founder of Breakthrough Basketball) says:
12/14/2007 at 3:55:09 PM

There are a couple press breakers in our plays ebook on pages 73 & 76.

If you have not signed up for our two free ebooks on drills & plays and our free newsletter, you can do so at

Here's a link on our website to one of the press breakers mentioned in the ebook:


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