The San Antonio Spurs' "Gate" Set - Play For Aggressive Man To Man Defenses

By Kevin Germany

The San Antonio Spurs crushed the Miami Heat in the 2014 NBA Finals due to their spectacular ball movement and phenomenal spacing. This play is an example of how the Spurs move the ball to get open shots. Notice how the play is effective due to the precision and the spacing of the Spurs offense.

This play is particularly effective against a man-to-man defense that tends to overplay passing lanes. Danny Green made an open three-pointer off this set during their Game 5 win over the Oklahoma City Thunder in the 2014 Western Conference Finals.

The play starts in a 4 out 1 in set. The shooter is positioned on the left side. 2 is labeled as the shooter in this case.

To start the play, 1 takes a dribble to the right side.

3 runs through two screens to the left wing. This is designed to get the defense to focus on denying 3 the ball.

2 sets the screen on the left elbow.

Once 3 runs to the left wing, 2 goes through a double screen from 4 and 5. 4 and 5 “close the gate” as soon as 2 goes through the screen.

2 receives the pass from 1 for an open shot. Make sure 2 catches the ball behind the 3-point line in order to make sure that the shot is a 3-pointer.

4 and 5 should look to seal their man for a post up opportunity.

If the pass to 2 is not open, 1 should pass the ball to 3. The entire left side of the floor will be cleared out for 3 to attack.

4 and 5 should look to seal their man for a post up opportunity.

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