Multi-option Play: Slice Quick 3 Out Rub

By Daniel Benjamin

The Slice Quick 3 Out Rub is a misdirection multi-option play that is run by the Memphis Grizzlies. The play has a ton of options and it puts your best players in position to be successful.

The Grizzlies use the play to get power forward Zach Randolph a shot on the low block or from the elbow.

Other options for the play include: High-post isolation with your small forward or shooting guard off the initial set; a couple of wing isolations with the player coming out of the high post; several opportunities for a three-point shot by different players; numerous pick-n-roll opportunities; a possible shot for your shooting guard curling off a low post screen (off the initial set) as well as a chance for a possible double screen. Plus, you can come up with other plays with some imagination.

Step 1: The Setup

You can run the play either side of the floor, depending on where your player's favorite spots are.

1 brings the ball on the right side of the floor.

5 trails the play and sets up 10 or so feet above the three point line.

3, who needs to be a versatile scorer, starts on the left elbow where he can post-up if so desired.

2, who needs to be able to knock down long range jumpers, while 4, who the play is run for, should be a good low post scorer with some range on his jumper. Both players start on the low right block

Step 2

1 passes the ball to 5.

At the same time 5 receives the ball, 3 cuts up to the left wing.

Step 3

5 passes the ball to 3 on left wing.

2 circles cut off of 4's back screen and heads to the left corner.

Step 4

5 moves down towards the right high post area.

1 makes a hard cut (jamming his defender) towards the free throw lane and cuts off of 5's downscreen.

3 passes the ball to 1 at the top of the circle.

Step 5

5 slides over to the left elbow and sets a cross screen for 3.

3 makes a slice cut to the right wing after rubbing off of 5's cross screen.

Step 6

5 goes to set a ball screen on the left side of 1's defender then rolls.

1 hits 5 with the pass at the free throw line.

2 takes a few steps up the three-point line.

*Note: If nobody picks 5 up off the screen and roll he can continue to the bucket. Also, 5 should have a pretty open look for a jumper off the screen-roll action.

Step 7

5 passes to 3 on the right wing and clears out of the high post area.

Step 8

3 looks inside to 4 either in the low post or the high post.

After passing the ball, 3 clears the area to allow 4 room to operate (isolation).

5 and 2 move into rebounding position.


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