Slob Play - Get Your Best Shooter A Clean Look at Top of Key

By Daniel Benjamin

This sideline out of bounds play is designed to get your best shooter a clean look at the top of the key for a three-pointer. The play uses a lot of screening action including a ball-screen to help balance the floor. The play was used by Team USA in one of its exhibition games during the summer.

Personnel and Alignment

1 - Point guard. He lines-up below 5 in the right high-post area.

2 - Best three-point shooter and for whom the play is run for. He starts in the left low-post area.

3 - The inbounder. Must possess good ball-handling skills and also be a good spot-up three-point shooter.

4 - Needs to be a good screener. He starts in the right low-post area.

5 - Should be mobile and have the ability to set good screens. He starts on the right elbow.

Step 1

5 sets a screen for 1. 1 cuts to the top of the arc to receive the ball from 3.

4 sets a cross screen for 2, who cuts to the right side corner. 4 then comes back to the ball and serves as a safety net for 3, in case 1 is unable to get open.

Step 2

After inbounding the ball, 3 cuts to the opposite corner.

5 sets a ball screen at the top of key. 1 dribbles to left side of the court. 5 then cuts to the high-post area.

4 sets a down screen for 2, who takes a few steps toward the basket like he is going backdoor.



Step 3

5 and 4 move into position to set a double screen for 2.

Step 4

2 runs his man off the double-screen set by 4 and 5.

1 passes to 2 for a three-point shot at the top of the key.

Step 5

If 2 doesn't receive the pass from 1, he goes to set a ball screen for 1. 1 then dribbles across court to keep the floor balanced.

4 and 5 pop out to the three-point line.



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