Sideline Out of Bounds - Space

The following sideline out of bounds play is best run for a wing player who is great off the dribble. By creating space on the floor, your player will have room to attack the rim.

Step 1:

The play begins with 3 taking the ball out of bounds. 5 starts on the left low block. 2 starts on the right low block. 4 starts on the left elbow and 1 starts on the right elbow.


Step 2:

4 screens across the key to 1 who cuts toward the ball.

3 pass the ball in bounds to 1 who immediately gives the ball back to 3.

When the ball in passed in bounds, 2 cuts from the low block to the corner, outside the three point line.



Step 3:

Once 3 receives the ball back from 1, 5 moves away from the ball, stopping outside the lane on the right side.

To create motion away from the ball, 4 sets a down screen for 2 who cuts to the top of the key.

After passing back to 3, 1 follows his pass and sets a screen for 3.

3 has the option of using the screen and cutting down the lane, or rejecting the screen and using the open space on the left side of the floor to attack the basket.

This simple inbounds play can be run on either side of the court and it works great at high levels basketball where players are good off the dribble.

Step 4:

Now that you have expanded your Side Out of Bounds arsenal, CLICK HERE to learn how to improve your Baseline Out of Bounds attack. Doing this can literally result in a 16 point swing in a game!

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alain richardson says:
6/19/2014 at 3:34:35 PM

Great out of bounds, very simple and should be easy for the little ones to run at ease. Thanks a lot love it


Ken Sartini says:
5/13/2014 at 5:15:33 PM

Martin -

If you are having problems getting the ball inbounds, the 4 can always set the screen and come back to the ball.

1 can always come out as high as need be also.



Haili Ripley says:
5/13/2014 at 3:16:52 PM

At the half court in-bound play and the type of defense the opponent will give you, your guards should recognize or determine how it will play out.The box formation clearly indicates that a its a zone / man play depending on the 2 d-guards pickup at the perimeter.You are looking to have a safe and secure possesion.Then you are looking for a entry pass into the post area.If time is not on your side, this would be one of your plays to execute on the 1st option. Coach Martin has opened up possible option to attack and score. Its all good and FUN!


Skinny Branstetter says:
5/13/2014 at 1:38:41 PM

Any zone will cause problems for a play like this. I like this against M-M but I think I would run the ball getting back to #3 with a moving backside screen/handoff from #1 to #3 and have #1 either pop or roll depending on what the defender does. All the other stuff is good.


Martin Leboeuf says:
5/13/2014 at 12:41:51 PM

I find it too easy to defend.

1- You have only one option to inbound the ball to.
2- The screen on the weak side will not attract the attention of the defense that much unless you have a great shooter.
3- The 5 is only clearing the paint. If it''s the intent, he should start far from the basket, that way, you make sure his defender will not stay or be in the paint when the 3 starts driving.

For all those reason, I would make the 4 pop out after his screen to 1,to have another option on the inbound. I would also make it a double screen for the 2 with the help of the 4 and the 5. This double screen would be at the elbow on the opposite side to clear the path on the baseline.

Again, there is not right or wrong. Everything is about timing and execution.


Adam says:
5/13/2014 at 9:13:56 AM

You could use this against a long as 5 posts up and seals his man instead of clearing out (5 will seal one player allowing 3 to shoot a little floater, jumper, or bank shot over the 5)

vs a 1-3-1, 5 would seal/post the baseline runner (of course they may trap the wing when 3 gets the ball back, so be aware).

Vs a 2-3/ 2-1-2, 5 would seal/post the middle defender in the back of the zone

Vs a 3-2, 5 would seal/post the weak side back defender

Be sure, no matter the seal/post, the 5 is cognizant of 3 second violation.

You could do other things too! These are just my opinion. Great thing about ball, is there is some many ways to do one thing...score!


Roberto Leal says:
5/13/2014 at 8:55:18 AM

I like the options that this play gives, but is this play good against man, zone? Or is it good against either.


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