Red: A Scoring Play For Your "Big" Man From A 1-4 High Set

By Daniel Benjamin

Summary: This is an excellent play to get your “Big” man a scoring opportunity on the move. It is a relatively simple play that involves ball and player movement.

This was the 2014 USA Senior National team’s initial play after winning the jump against Brazil (Exhibition game in Chicago).

Step 1

Using a 1-4 high set.

Player 1 is the point guard and brings the ball up the floor on the right side of the play.

Player 2 is on the left wing and should be able to set good screens and move well without the ball.

Player 3 could be a guard or forward with good ball handling skills.

Player 4 is on the left elbow.

Player 5 is on the right elbow and who the play is designed for. Should be your better scoring “Big”.

Step 2

Player 1 passes the ball to Player 3, then cuts toward the basket rubbing off Player 5.

Player 5 then moves toward Player 3 to get in position to set a ball screen.

Player 4 makes a cut out to the three-point line at the top of the key.

Step 3

Player 3 rejects Player 5 screen, who then cuts to the basket.

Player 3 reverses the ball to Player 4 at the top of the key.
As Player 3 is passing the ball, Player 2 starts moving down toward the baseline.

Player 1 is finishing his cut to the left wing.

Step 4

Player 4 swings the ball to Player 1, and then moves into the high post a few steps.

Player 2 sets a cross screen for Player 5, who looks to post up in the low-block area.

Step 5

Player 1 passes the ball to Player 5 in low post for a shot.

Player 4 dives down basket line to crash the boards but he should also be looking for a possible pass.

Wrinkle #1

If Player 5 does not have a shot or pass to a diving Player 4.

Player 4 will set a down screen for Player 2, who will curl off of the screen for a shot.

Player 3 has two options to stay put on the wing or cut towards the top of the key.

Player 1 can either stay on the wing or to the left corner.

Other comments

In Step 4, it is important that Player 4 does not get overzealous and cut after passing to Player 1 because he would clog the lane if he does so.

Also in Step 4, Player 1 has to be patient in order for Player 5 to have enough time to cut to the left block following the screen. He can take a couple of dribbles to keep the timing of the play right.

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Dionne Jones says:
1/30/2015 at 7:05:57 AM

These instructions are easy to follow and teach my 11 year old daughter.


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