Out of Bounds Play Using Back Screens

When teams defend out of bounds plays underneath the basket they are focused on staying between their man and the ball. Often they are so focused on that principle that they can lose sight of screens. On offense you can take advantage of this by using back screens to create open looks. Here is a simple out of bounds play that can be used in this situation.

Out of Bounds Underneath – Back Screen

Step 1

The 4 man takes the ball out of bounds and the remaining four players line up in a box set.

Your 3 man puts the play in motion by cutting to the three point line and receiving the ball.

At the same time, the 2 man screens for the 1 who cuts to the ball side, elbow extended.

The 3 man passes to the 1.

Step 2

Once the 3 passes to the 1, the 4 man sets a back screen. The 3 uses the screen and dives right to the basket.

The 5 man simultaneously sets a back pick for the 2 man who flares to the three point line.

This creates two options for the 1 man. He can look to pass to the 3 man at the basket or the 2 at the three point line.

Running an out of bounds play featuring back screens will not only create open shots, but it will also open up some of your other out of bounds plays that use direct screens and cuts.

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coach hebb says:
10/9/2013 at 6:54:07 PM

i love the diamond zone press. great for speed and iq players.


Ivor Anthony says:
10/7/2013 at 7:18:54 AM

Great resource. Thanks for all your hard work and sharing.


Jeff Haefner says:
9/26/2013 at 9:36:44 AM

Cookie - I would not recommend this play for 3rd/4th graders. It's meant for middle school and high school kids.

At that age you'll spend a lot of time trying to get them to memorize the play and they'll probably still mess it up. Your time is much better spent on practicing fundamentals (dribbling, passing, shooting, footwork, etc). Your players will be much better off in the long run for it.

When working with youth players, we do not teach any plays because we feel it's a waste of time trying to get them to memorize the sequence. The only plays we do are a couple really simple inbounds plays from box set (cross and up) so they can get the ball inbounds:

Otherwise all the offense is free form motion and man to man defense. 99% of practice is spent on fundamentals. Hope this helps.


Cookie says:
9/26/2013 at 9:16:35 AM

Will try beginning steps with my 3/4 graders. Step 1 should get a couple of good looks to the basket alone for that level.


Don Kegerreis says:
9/26/2013 at 9:13:44 AM

if you stay in box set and 3 passes to 2 who passes to 1 - (5 can clear to corner) 4 can backscreen 3 and 1 will have better passing angle (basically flex set), if 3 isn't open, 2 can downscreen for 4 going to mid key (flex) get some pick the picker action .. chances are you will get an in-the- key entry pass to 3 or 4 .. and you still get the backscreen benefits you mention


Coach Howard says:
9/26/2013 at 8:47:36 AM

I like this play! It has options, its fast & with proper execution, is sure to get a bucket! looking forward to trying it out...


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