Knicks - Box Set Post Play

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Ages: Middle School  High School+  


Here is a simple, yet very effective play taken from Lason Perkins' Encyclopedia of the Box Offense that Pat Riley used to isolate a good post player AKA Patrick Ewing to get an easy bucket.


1 - Ballhandler and passer.
2 - Shooter
3 - Wing
4 - Post Player
5 - Screener


  • 1 dribbles to the wing.
  • 3 cuts to the opposite wing.
  • 5 screens for 2.
  • 4 rubs off of 5 to post.
  • Option 1 - Pass to 4 in the post.
  • Option 2 - 1 passes to 2 coming off of the screen for the open jump shot.


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Fatjon says:
1/31/2013 at 3:48:20 AM

Great play for kids, easy remembering. Keep going.


Joe Haefner says:
10/26/2011 at 3:20:07 PM

Couldn't agree more, Mark. It's the players that make the plays work.


Mark says:
10/26/2011 at 3:16:25 PM

Many of the most effective plays are very simple.


Joel says:
9/19/2011 at 5:49:46 PM

What a profoundly stupid looking play. I'm definately going to try it this year and if it works will be completely baffled. Another play I was baffled at how easy it was set up and how consistently it worked we called blue bomber. 1-4 set with point high, one post player on each FT corner and 2 & 3 on opposite wings extended. 4 & 5 set a high pick for 1 and basically 1 chose which way to drive and ran a pick and roll. If wing defenders cheated, then kick out pass for open shot was always there. Get 4-5 drives and 2-3 kick outs each game for easy shots. Of course, if my team shot more than 11% last year, that would REALLY be a golden play!


kushal96 says:
6/7/2011 at 5:29:17 PM

Quite simple and worked like a charm..


Nupe3 says:
6/3/2011 at 10:59:25 AM

Nice play, very simple.


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