Sideline Out of Bounds Play - Kobe's Game-Winning 3-Pointer Against Grizzlies

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Here is the sideline out of bounds play that the Los Angeles Lakers used against the Memphis Grizzlies for Kobe's game-winning three on 2/23/2010.


1 - Fisher
2 - Kobe
3 - Artest
4 - Odom
5 - Gasol


    Here are how the players lined up.

    5 cuts to the wing for the inbounds pass.

    On the pass,

    4 backscreens for 1.

    2 backscreens for 3.

    4 cuts to the ball after the screen and receives the pass from 5.

    5 screens for 2.

    4 passes to 2. In this case, Kobe was open and nailed the 3-pointer.

    1, 3, & 5 crash the boards.

Additional Comments:

This play is very simple, but happened very quickly with excellent timing which confused the defense and left Kobe open for a 3-point shot.

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Domonique Bryant says:
11/23/2015 at 6:11:38 PM

Great play to get kobe the 3 and the win


Ken says:
9/4/2012 at 12:38:07 PM

He had to step back to cover the backscreen action, IF he doesn't, Artest gets a lob. This is drilled from day 1, a reaction.

Part of this game is what Hubie Brown calls the Human Factor, players making a mistake in crunch time.

It was a great play and the execution was great too.... and like you said, all about timing.

They executed the play well. In sports, sometimes you eat the Bear and sometimes the Bear eats you. :-)

Did you ever run a play/set where you anticipated a defender reacting in a certain way? It happens because coaches drill certain things all year long, so, even IF you tell them NOT to help out on someone driving (while your player is a great 3 point shooter) they are going to help.

Unless you are drilling things in practice that week to account for that..... you will get beat on certain plays.


Antanas says:
9/4/2012 at 12:20:02 PM

That was great, outstanding timing. But Bryant's guard made a little bit mistake - 1 unnecessary step back.

And what would happen if guards, guarding Artest and Bryant switched? Then Kobe would be denied.. 5 second left. Kobe would have taken hand off from Odom and play 1on1?

See it here:


rohit sharma says:
9/26/2011 at 4:33:00 AM

great move to beat the buzzer.....


sharad says:
6/17/2011 at 2:51:39 AM

great move at closing seconds, thanks...


owen jeremy says:
4/22/2010 at 11:17:31 AM

nice drills make more nice drills thank you


Daniel Garza says:
3/5/2010 at 11:55:20 AM

this is a good inbound play! I used it once and got a layup out of it....


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