1v1 Full Court Closeouts Drill

Categories: Defense  
Ages: All Ages  Youth  Middle School  High School+  

Purpose of the Drill:

The drill works on closing out and defending the ball in a high-intensity, game-like setting.

The drill is also great for conditioning and practicing long-distance passes.


  • Two lines of players line up on the opposite baselines.
  • 1 takes one long dribble and throws a two-handed chest pass to 4.
  • 4 comes up to catch the ball.
  • After 1 passed, he sprints up the floor to close out on 4.
  • 4 catches the ball and attacks the opposite hoop.
  • 4 and 1 go 1v1.
  • After 1 gets the rebound, next group starts.
  • 1 goes to offensive line.
  • 4 goes to defensive line with the ball.
  • You can also use the opposite side of the court to get more players involved in the drill. The players with the ball would be on the opposite baseline, so both lines do not play 1v1 at the same basket.
  • For youth players, you can shorten the court.

Points of Emphasis:

  • Close out as far as you can up the court.
  • Depending on your defensive philosophy - force sideline or middle.
  • Move your feet. Hands off.


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Oz says:
12/15/2010 at 3:50:56 PM

Like it. Will try it. Simply yet and fundamental. Good test for tryouts to see who can run and defend.


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