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Footfire Closeout Drill

Categories: Defense  Footwork  
Ages: All Ages  Youth  Middle School  High School+  

Purpose of the Drill:

The purpose of this drill is to teach players to have active feet at all times on defense, close out properly, and retreat back to a middle closeout.


  • Defensive players start in the lane, matched up with their corresponding offensive player.
  • When the coach says "GO," the defensive players begin to footfire.
  • When the coach says "GO" again, they closeout on their offensive player.
  • Each offensive player has a ball. While on the offensive player, the defensive player should shadow the basketball with his hands and continue to have active feet.
  • When the coach says "GO" again the defensive player should drop step, pivot, and sprint back to his original spot in the lane.
  • Immediately begin to footfire again and be ready to repeat the sequence.

Points of Emphasis:

  • Sprint to close out with active feet and active hands.
  • Closeout high side to force the offensive players toward the cones (diagram). Do not allow middle penetration.
  • Shadow the basketball with your hands.
  • Drop step, pivot, and sprint back to middle closeout.

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