Two Ball Ladder Drills

Categories: Agility  Ballhandling / Dribbling  Footwork  Offensive Moves  Passing  Shooting  
Ages: Middle School  High School+  

Purpose of the Drill:

The purpose of this drill is to work on handling the ball with both hands, passing, finishing, cutting, and shooting combined with agility ladder drills.


  • In this drill, the player will handle two basketballs while running through the agility ladder.
  • At the end of the agility ladder, the player will pass the ball in their right hand to the coach while continuing to dribble with the left hand.
  • They will then attack with one dribble and finish at the rim.
  • The player will then run a curl cut around the chair ad received a pass back from the coach for the jump shot.
  • In this step, instead of shooting the ball off the catch on the curl cut, they will put the ball on the floor and shoot a pull up jumper or finishing at the rim.
  • In this step, the player will finish at the rim and then run a flare cut for a jump shot.
  • In this step, the player is running the same flare cut as in the previous step but this time they are putting the ball on the floor and taking a pull up jumper or finishing at the rim.
  • In this step, the player is setting his defender up for either the curl or the flare cut then jamming and cutting backdoor for the pass from coach.

Points of Emphasis:

  • Stay low while running through the ladder.
  • Keep your hand on top of the basketball when making the pass to the coach.
  • Push the ball out in order to get to the rim on one dribble.
  • Incorporate change of direction moves into the drill when attacking out of the ladder.
  • Utilize various finishing moves around the rim.
  • Cut around the chair with your shoulders low and your hands ready in order to catch and shoot.
  • Follow your shot and finish if you miss the jumper.

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