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You can use this simple drill to introduce dribbling skills, concepts and terminology to beginners.  
Drill Instructions The drill is incredibly simple, which makes it easy to introduce skills to new players.   Line players up along sideline, baseline or anywhere you have space.   Each player needs a ball. The coach instructs players to get in an athletic stance and dribble the basketball.  The coach will need to demonstrate each type of dribble and key teaching points.   Drill Progression for Beginners Here's a recommended progression to teach basic dribbling skills to youth players:
  1. Right hand pound dribble
  2. Left hand pound dribble
  3. Half circle right hand
  4. Half circle left hand
  5. Continuous cross overs
  6. One dribble cross overs
  7. Control dribble right hand
  8. Control dribble left hand
This is a good progression to learn the basic fundamentals of dribbling.  
Frame 1
Key Teaching Points It's important for coaches to emphasize the following:
  • Ball should touch finger pads on each dribble (not the palm of hand). 
  • Pound the ball as hard as you can!
  • Keep eyes up (look forward) while dribbling.
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Les Martini says:
4/15/2019 at 8:49:47 PM

Used this on my 5th gradersThey had fun with it Tks

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Anthony Roman says:
11/11/2019 at 11:41:55 AM

Excellent drill for beginners. My 3rd through fifth graders enjoyed it. They were having fun while making and correcting their mistakes.


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