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This is an extremely effective drill for developing dribbling skills with your non-dominant hand.   It improves dribbling at high speed and beating players off the dribble with the weak hand.  Also improves your finishing with weak hand. 
Drill Instructions From two lines as shown... offensive line has a ball.   First player in each line will play 1v1 game. Player 1 starts outside cones.  3 starts in between the cones.   1 should have a head-start and be a few steps ahead of 3. 1 will start dribbling and running as fast as they can.  As soon as 1 starts, 3 will start running trying to catch up. It's a race around the cones and to the basket.  1 must stay outside the cones and 3 must stay in between the cones (in the running lane).   The goal is for 1 to use their speed dribble with their weak hand, beat 3, turn the corner, and get all the way to the basket for a lay up.  If you have left handed players, you can set up cones on the other side so they have to dribble with their right.  
Frame 1
Keys and Points of Emphasis
  1. Dribbler must go full speed.  Don't slow down!
  2. The goal is to turn the corner and beat the defender to the spot. 
  3. Keep the drill moving.  If they pick up their dribble, start the next group.  If they lose the advantage, start the next group.  You can also have a time limit.  You want dribblers to get as many reps as possible.  
This is a great drill to develop strong and confident dribbling with your weak hand.  


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Covance says:
4/5/2017 at 6:35:17 PM

I Like the drill as stated above it helps to improve the left hand drippling, speed and control with the ball. It will make the player a better ball handler.


Tatenda says:
4/5/2017 at 10:40:19 AM

Thanks for this drill. Can you please post links to other drills to improve use of the weak hand. I also use dribble tag with my son as another drill


ij says:
4/5/2017 at 9:29:16 AM

Awesome idea. Please share more of this kind. I love the 1v1 full court using the non dominant hand also.

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