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Great dynamic shooting drill. Not a technique drill.  Meant for getting game like reps.  Gets max reps, dynamic in nature, and completely flexible so you can work on any type of shot.  
Shoot, get rebound, and pass to same player every time.   If needed coaches can provide cue word reminders (ex: finish high, shoot to ceiling, hold follow through). 
Frame 1
If have 4 players, use 3 balls and 4 shooters.  Have one less ball than number of players in drill.   If you have 6-8 players per basket, have two groups at same basket.  Have "group 1" in dark jersey and "group 2" in light jersey to make it easier to find teammate.  For example, if you have 7 players, you can have 2 balls and 3 shooters on left side of rim-line.  And 3 balls with 4 shooters on right side of rim-line.  Variations
  1. Make competitive (ex: first to make 10 shots or use time limit... 2 min).  Ask a player to decide on number of shots that need to be made.  Reward winner or have consequences for loser.
  2. Competition can be by group score or individual score
  3. Shoot off dribble
  4. Incorporate different passes.  We sometimes have players only pass with one hand, pass after a dribble, pass after a combo dribble or even after a self-toss to the three-point line rip penetrate and kick action. There are tons of possibilities to make the drill work for what you teach and emphasize.
  5. Specify shot distance (3s only, mid range, paint only).
  6. Have to go around cone and make a cut before shot.
  7. Set imaginary screen and pop before each shot.  
  8. Contested - passer closes out or flies by to add pressure
  9. Specify location (top, wing, corner, one side).
  10. 1 dribble shot, 2 dribble shot, drive with change dribble, combo dribble moves, floater, finishing move.
  11. Mix - alternate between spot up and pulls ups off dribble


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