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Improves speed dribble, conditioning, and finishing under pressure.  Simulates what happens on a break away lay up and also forces the offensive player to run FULL SPEED.  
Instructions Ball handler will start a few steps in front of the defender, above the baseline. The defender will start on the baseline on the inside of the offensive player. They both go at the same time. Offensive player is attempting to beat the defender to the opposite basket for a lay up. The defender is sprinting to cut the offensive player off before reaching the basket. Initiating the Action In the attached video, the coach initiates the action by telling players when to go. With larger groups, you can have the offensive player initiate the action.  As soon as offensive player moves, the defense starts chasing.   To get more reps, you can have players going both directions at the same time (as shown in diagram).  Tell players not to cross the "rim line".
Frame 1
Progressions: - Right hand dribble on right side of court - Left hand dribble on left side of court (put cones on other side so you can work on left hand too) Variation for Young Players If you're working with youth players (5-8 years old) and they aren't ready for lay ups under pressure, you can have them race to a finish line instead of shooting a lay up at the end.  You can also adjust the distance so the offensive player has a longer initial lead.  You might find the defense is catching up too easily and you can adjust the starting points. 


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Shawn Banks says:
11/1/2023 at 6:09:59 PM

I really love this page. So much good information and the drills are perfect


james redding says:
10/26/2023 at 3:59:38 AM

Thank you for all of this information.
Real talk your drills has added to my coaching
train of thought.

james redding


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