Serbia Pick and Roll

This pick and roll play was used by Serbia in the gold medal game against the U.S.A. It uses some misdirection on the initial ball screen and some backdoor cuts to confuse the defense.   It can be a great quick-hitter to use at the end of a quarter or shot clock.
1 is the point guard and starts the play. 2 is your shooter and starts in the left corner.  3 is a slasher and starts in the right corner. 4 starts in the high post on the right side.  It's ideal if they can make a mid-range jump shot. 5 starts in the low post on the right side. It's ideal if they are a good offensive rebounder. 5 goes to set a ball screen for 1. 4 replaces 5 in the low post.
Frame 1
5's ball screen is just a misdirection.  5 sets the screen for a fraction of a second, then sprints to the mid-post on the left side. As 5 approaches 1, 4 sprints up to set a ball screen for 1. In real time, 4 creates a looping action from the start of the play.
Frame 2
As 1 attacks the screen, 4 can roll or pop to an open area. 1 looks to score. As soon as 1 starts to come off the ball screen, 3 cuts backdoor and 2 cuts to the wing. This backdoor cut by 3 may be wide open.  This happens because 3's defender can become preoccupied with the dribble penetration.   After the cut, 3 fills the opposite corner. Now, let's look at some possible counters based on defensive adjustments.
Frame 3
In this situation, 3's defender stops 1. 2's defender rotates to defend 3's cut. 2 will be open for a shot.
Frame 4
This situation is similar to the frame above. However, 5's defender rotates over to defend 3's cut. And 2 slides over to stop the pass to 5. Once again, 2 is open for a shot.
Frame 5
In this situation, 5's defender rotates over to defend 3. 2's defender stays on 2. 5 is open.
Frame 6
The primary goal with this play is for 1 to attack.  1 needs to put pressure on the defense and force them to make decisions.  This is the only way that the scoring opportunities will occur.


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Joe says:
9/20/2016 at 3:45:13 PM

So what happens when 4's man switches onto 1? I don't see one having a free lane to the hoop. Based out the examples it looks like 1 has the lane open and the other defenders have to make a decision.

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Dain says:
9/20/2016 at 8:18:16 PM

If 4's Man switches, then the 4 man better be rolling to the hoop after the screen at the top on the 1 defender.


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