Golden State Zipper Flare

This is a play that the Golden State Warriors used in Game Six of the 2016 NBA Finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers to get Klay Thompson a three-point shot after the ball was entered into the post. The set gives you  several other options and wrinkles as well.
1 starts the play with the ball near the mid-court line on the left side of the floor. 2, who the play is designed for, begins on the first block on the strong side of the floor. He needs to be a great shooter and to know how to use screens to get open. 3 begins on the weak side wing.  4 is on the weak side elbow with his back to the basket. 5 starts strong side lane line extended. He can start at the left slot or below the three-point line.
Frame 1
1 initiates the play by dribbling to the wing. 5 goes to set a down screen for 2. After 5 sets the screen, he seals his defender and posts up in the mid-post. 2 zipper cuts up to the left slot. 4 quickly spins and cuts to the right corner Note: 5's screen is the hit and go type screen, which is different from the stop and hit screen used to get the person coming off the screen open.
Frame 2
1 passes to 5.
Frame 3
After passing the ball, 1 sets a cross screen for 2. 2 sets his man up and comes off screen, looking for pass from 5 while being ready to shoot.
Frame 4
If 2 does not have a shot there are a few options. Option 1 5 steps up and sets a ball screen on 2's right side therefore giving 2 the option to accept or reject the ball screen. 5 should roll in either situation. Option 2 5 spaces out to right corner. 2 will look to drive to the middle of the floor, looking to create for himself or his teammates. Option 3 5 clears to the right low block and 1 moves to the right slot thus putting 2 in an isolation situation.
Frame 5
Alternative #1: Lob for 4. 1 brings the ball down to wing. 5 sets screen for 2. As 2 is setting screen for 2, 4 spins quickly and cuts to the basket for a possible lob. Note: Following spin, 4 has to make straight line cut to the basket.
Frame 6
Alternative #2: Double screen for 2. As 1 is dribbling to wing,  4 can set a back screen for 5. 5 cuts off the screen and goes to set a screen for 2. 4 lifts out to left slot.
Frame 7
1 swings ball to 4. As ball is being passed, 3 goes to set a staggered screen for 2.
Frame 8
2 comes off the staggered screen on a straight line looking for pass and ready to shoot
Frame 9


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