Hawaii Rainbows Double Stagger

The 2016 Hawaii Rainbow Warriors men's basketball team had a historic season under first-year head coach Eran Ganot. This past season, the Rainbow Warriors won a program record 28 games and earned their first ever NCAA Tournament victory by upsetting fourth-seeded California in the first round.   One of the reasons for Hawaii's terrific season was due to their increase of offensive production. Under Ganot, the Rainbow Warriors led the WAC with 77.5 points and 15.8 assists a game. Ganot, known as an assistant for his work with the guards, liked to use this play to get his shooting guard a clean three-point look from the wing.
1 starts with the ball on the right side of the floor. 3 starts on the wing on the weak side of the floor. He should have the ability to score in the post or on the perimeter. 2 who the play is drawn up for, begins the play on the strong side wing. 4 and 5 are post players.  They are interchangeable. One of them is at the left elbow and the other is on the right low block. 
Frame 1
1 initiates the play by dribbling towards 3. 3 cuts backdoor and zipper cuts off of 5's screen to the right slot. 2 fades to the corner.
Frame 2
1 passes to 3. 1 flares off of 4's screen to the left wing. 4 then pops out to the left guard spot. 5 lifts up the lane to set screen for 3. Note: 1 should set up the flare screen by acting like he is cutting to the basket.
Frame 3
3 reverses ball to 4. 4 swings ball to 1. After 1 receives the pass, 3 cuts off 5's back screen to left low block.
Frame 4
1 passes to 3. 4 and 5 move to set a staggered double screen for 2. 2 takes his man in-towards the basket a few steps and then cuts off 5's and 4's double screen to the top of the key. Note:  Look for a mismatch on 3.
Frame 5
Following their screens, 4 and 5 move into position for an offensive rebound. 1 goes to set a flare screen at the left elbow.  2 sets up the defender and cuts off 1's screen to the wing for a kick-out pass.
Frame 6
Alternative/Wrinkle to Play: This will get a three-point shot for 2 by coming off double-staggered screen. Note: Steps 1 thru 4  are the same.  After 4 swings the ball to 1, he and 5 will go set a double-staggered for 2. 2 sets his man up and then cuts off 4 and 5's screen to the top of the key. 1 passes to 2 for a three-point attempt.
Frame 7
If 2 doesn't have shot after coming off double-staggered screen. 5 cuts to low block. 4 steps up to set a ball screen on the right side of 2. 1 sets a down screen for 3, who pops out to left wing. Note: If open, 2 passes to 3.
Frame 8
If 3 is not open: 2 uses 4's ball screen and drives to the basket. 4 pops out to the top of the key. 1 spaces out to corner.
Frame 9
2's options after coming off ball screen. 1. 2 can shoot layup or mid-range jumper. 2. 2 can kick it out to 1,3 or 4 for a three-point attempt. 3. 2 can drop it off to 5 if the defender helps.
Frame 10


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