Brad Stevens' Pistol Play

Here is a play that Brad Stevens likes to run with the Celtics.  This quick hitter is designed to get your shooting guard a clean look at the basket after coming off a down screen and accepting the dribble hand-off. This Pistol play can be run out of several sets. 
This play can be run to either side. 1 starts on the right side of the floor. 2 and 3 start on the opposite wings above the free throw line. Both need to be good shooters with 3 having the ability to shoot from beyond the arc. 4 and 5 are both post players. They begin the play on opposite elbows. You want 5 to be the post player that can stretch the floor a little. 
Frame 1
1 initiates the play by dribbling to the left side of the floor. As he is dribbling across the court, 4 steps up to set ball screen for 1. 2 and 3 slide down to the corners.  
Frame 2
As 1 comes off 4's ball screen, 5 pops up to top of key. 4 rolls to the basket. 1 pitches ball back to 5.
Frame 3
1 goes to set a down screen for 2. 4 clears lane. 2 takes his man a few steps toward the lane line, then blasts off of 1's screen.
Frame 4
As 2 is coming off 1's screen, 5 dribbles toward 2 and hands the ball-off. 1 fades to the left corner 2 looks for short-jumper or drop the ball into 4, who is sealing off his man in the lane.
Frame 5


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