Gun Shooting Drills

Drill Purpose This drill will put a shooter in a variety of different spots on the floor, emphasizing game shots, from game spots, at game speed.  
Corner Break Player sprints to the corner and catches the pass
Frame 1
Player shoots, gets his/her rebound, pitches the ball back into the net and sprints to the corner for his/her next shot
Frame 2
Corner Pins Machine on "Rotate" to 2 Spots Player cuts corner to corner and receives the ball for a shot, simulating corner pin cuts. Cones represent screens Shooter rebounds and pitches the ball back into the net for the next shot
Frame 3
V Cuts Shooter starts on the wing, makes a V-Cut, receives pass for his/her shot. Shooter gets his/her rebound, throws into the net and resets for the next rep.
Frame 4
Flares Shooter drives to the screen and flares to the wing, catches pass for a shot. Cone represents screen. Shooter gets his rebound, throws it into the net and resets for the next rep
Frame 5
Flare/Slice Combo - Frame 1 Load up the basket, or feeder rack, with balls. Shooter flare cuts and receives ball for the shot
Frame 6
Flare/Slice Combo - Frame 2 After the flare shot, shooter immediately slices off screen for shot at the top. Continue until the machine is out of balls
Frame 7
Low Post Shots Shooter starts on the opposite block and makes a cut to the low post. He/She catches the pass for a low post shot. Shooter gets his/her rebound, throws it into the net and resets for the next step
Frame 8
Low/High Post Combo - Frame 1 Fill the net or ball feeder with balls, Set machine to rotate to 2 spots. Player makes low post cut and receives pass for a shot
Frame 9
Low Post/High Post Combo - Part 2 After low post shot shooter cuts to weak side block and then comes back to catch a high post pass. Continue until there are no more balls
Frame 10
Rip Right, 1 Dribble Player sets on the wing, makes a V-cut to the top. Shooter catches pass, rips to the right for 1 dribble or 2 dribble shot. Finish with a jump shot or a lay up.
Frame 11
Here are comments from Don Kelbick about the drills... Attached are some shooting machine drills that I do. In reality, it was pretty tough to draw them up because all I do is take pieces that I feel are important and make a drill out of it. I am not really big on standard drills, or even drills that I did when I was younger. I as I progressed I began to feel that those drills were more style than substance. I like to take pieces of an offense that a player plays in and use that. That way it is directly relatible to his game. Keep a few other things in mind:
  • These are not the only drills you can do. Look at what you do and make it fit your philosophy.
  • You don't have to do them the way I do. I believe in getting players high numbers of reps in a short period of time. That means one player goes over and over again, for a prescribed amount of reps (or time). I will go out of my way to avoid putting players in a line and having them go one after the other. While one player is going, the others can rebound, shoot fouls at another basket or do other drills. Not everybody likes that. I have heard comments like, "I don't like the other players standing around while one player shoots." In reality, if they stand in line they not only wait more, in total time, but they do less reps.
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