Passing Drills: Double Skip Pass

This drill is designed to help you incorporate the skip pass into your zone offense.  It will create open three-point shots for your shooters and post-shots for your big men.  The idea of the double skip pass is to shift the zone with the first skip pass, and then the skip pass back should result in an open shot. The drill uses four offensive players and three defensive players that are simulating the bottom of a 2-3 zone.
1 starts with the ball in the middle of the floor. 2 starts on the right wing. 3 starts in the left corner, but not too deep. 5 starts on the strong side low block. The three defenders simulate a zone defense.
Frame 1
1 initiates the drill by swinging the ball to 2. X4 steps up and takes the ball.
Frame 2
2 skips the ball over the defense to 3. X3 takes ball and x4 slides down to cover 5. 3 catches the ball as he is going to shoot.
Frame 3
After the defense shifts, following the first skip pass, the offense sets up the second skip pass. 3 dribbles up the sideline to allow 5 to get the proper screening angle on x4  to screen him in. 2 fades to corner
Frame 4
After catching the ball 2's options include: 1. Shooting the jumper. 2. driving baseline. 3. dumping the ball to 5, who is sealing x5. Note: If 2 drives baseline, 1 should cut to the right side of the floor and 3 can fade to corner. 
Frame 5


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