Villanova's Horns Curl Play

This play is from the 2016 national champion Villanova Wildcats and coach Jay Wright. Wright, one of the best coaches in college basketball today, called for the Widcats to run their Horns Curl Play in their Elite 8 game against Kansas.  The play resulted in a dunk to put the Cats up nine late in the first half. The play uses a ball-screen where the screener rolls off of the other horns post into the lane. After the ball enters the post from the wing, the opposite big dives down the wing.
1 starts in the middle of the floor near mid-court. Big men 4 and 5 start above the free throw line on the free throw lane line extended. 4 and 5 are interchangeable depending on personnel and direction you want the play to go. 2 and 3 start in opposite corners.
Frame 1
1 initiates the play by indicating which direction he wants to go by putting the ball in that hand. In this situation, the play is going left. 4 steps up to set ball screen for 1, who dribbles off the screen to the wing. 4 curls around 5 to the right block. If open, 1 looks for the lob to 4. 5 steps out above the three-point line.
Frame 2
1 reverses the ball to 5. As the ball is being reversed 2 cuts to the right wing.
Frame 3
5 swings the ball to 2. 5 slides over to middle of the floor.
Frame 4
2 enters the ball to 4 in the mid-post for operating room. 1 and 3 exchange to keep defenders on the helpside occupied. 5 cuts down the middle of the lane.
Frame 5
If 5 is not open, 4 could go to work from mid-post, look opposite to 1 or 3 for jumpers, or kick the ball out to 2.
Frame 6


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Tim M says:
5/5/2016 at 8:19:41 AM

Another excellent example of video and corresponding diagrams breaking down a good play. Breakthrough Basketball is a great site!


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