Boston Celtics Late Game SOB Play

This late game sideline out of bounds play by the Boston Celtics came against the Minnesota Timberwolves earlier this season with 9.5 seconds left in the fourth quarter. The play was designed to get a clean three-point look for Avery Bradley after throwing a decoy lob out to Jonas Jerebko on the throw-in.  
1 sets up on the opposite block. 4 sets up in the low-post area on the side of the throw-in.   2 starts on side of throw-in near baseline (below 4). 5 starts above the top of the key.
Frame 1
2 initiates the play by sprinting up to the three-point line. 1 sets a cross screen for 4, who cuts baseline -- beneath the screen to the opposite side.
Frame 2
3 throws a lob pass to 4. 2 will run hard off of 5's screen to  right wing area.
Frame 3
4 passes to 2 for a three-point attempt.
Frame 4


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grant says:
11/11/2016 at 6:04:25 AM

Would be worried about the lob pass to the 4 man who has come of the screen


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