Boston Celtics High Pick-N-Roll Play

This is a high pick-n-roll play that the Boston Celtics ran against the Miami Heat.  This play started with a defacto four-down set that ended with a three-pointer by the four-man (Jared Sullinger). The play has several other options.
1 will start the play in the middle of the court near the half-court division line. 2, 3, 4 and 5 are in a relatively parallel line (with each other).  Your bigs are on the lane line extended and the other two players are on opposite corners outside the three-point arc.
Frame 1
4 initiates the play by lifting up to around the foul line extended. 5 then cuts above the three-point line to set a high screen-and-roll for 1.
Frame 2
As 1 dribbles toward 5, 4 pops out to the three-point line. When 1 comes off the ball screen, he has options depending on the reaction by the defense. 1's read options after coming off ball screen: 1. Drive to the basket. 2. Slide the ball to 5 rolling to basket. 3. If the man guarding 4,slides over to help 1 kicks ball out to 4 for a three-point attempt.
Frame 3
Play can go either right or left. 1 sets his man up by taking his man the other direction before going off ball screen. If 1 keeps the ball off the ball screen and gets into the teeth of the defense, he has the option of shooting off drive/pull-up jumper or kicks the ball out to 2/3 in the corner for a three-pointer.


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