Boston Celtics: Late-Game Full- Court Inbounds Play

This is a full-court inbounds play that the Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens drew up with 4.7 seconds left before halftime against the Memphis Grizzlies. This was a play that Stevens created while he as at Butler three years ago. While the play didn't work for the Bulldogs, the C's executed the play perfectly resulting in an easy bucket.
1 and 5 should be on the same parallel line (easier to cross screen). 2 can start behind that parallel or on it. He should be between 1 and 5. 4 will help clear floor by stationing himself on the right hand side on the opposite side of the court -- so he can come back to the ball if necessary. 
Frame 1
 5 goes set a cross screen for 1. 2 takes a few hard run steps down the floor. 3 attempts to pass to 1 in stride. After catching the inbounds pass, 1 quickly dribbles up the floor.
Frame 2
3 steps inbounds. 1 dribbles as far as he can and kicks the ball ahead to 4. 2 sets a back screen for 5, who runs hard to the basket. 
Frame 3
4 passes the ball to 5 for a layup.
Frame 4
Reminder: 4.7 seconds is quite a bit of time to go the length of the court, especially if you catch the ball deeper down the court and the inbounder leads the pass catcher.    1. You start the play as far up the court as possible. Start the play above the three-point break lane. 2. Spacing is key. The operating area can't be too congested.  3. It will help if the player catching the ball can gain monument (i.e. the inbounder leading the pass).


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Bud says:
5/28/2016 at 3:42:59 PM

"Thanks! I coach the Los Angeles Lakers! Good to Know."

Just kidding. I'm a Celtics fan and couldn't resist.

Great quick play and easy for younger players to grasp. We may need to have a set of five players who practice and remember their roles, especially players 1,2, and 5. In the Celtics video, the defender on player 5 never saw the mid-court screen by 2. Wide open. Thanks.


mike says:
5/26/2016 at 11:20:52 AM

Can you show a clip of the Celtics running the play?

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Andrew says:
5/26/2016 at 11:27:44 AM

here it is!


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