Texas A&M: 4 Out Ball Screen Play

This is a ball screen play that Texas A&M has used this year. It's a quick hitter that would be a great secondary break option due to the fact a post player trails the play down court. The play includes multiple ball screens, a lot of player movement and a dribble hand-off action. The play ends with four different scoring options.
1 brings down the ball on the left side of the court. 4, who should be a post player, trails the play. 2 and 3 start on opposite wings and should be able to knock down perimeter shots. 5, a post player, starts on the same side as the ball.
Frame 1
1 passes the ball to 4 and then screens away for 3. 5 cuts to right block.
Frame 2
4 passes to 3. 4 goes set balls screen for 3.
Frame 3
3 and 4 play a two-man game with 4 rolling. If 4's not open, 3 dribbles to the opposite side of floor. 2 clears floor and goes to opposite corner.   5 comes up for wing ball screen. As 3 heads to the opposite side, 1 lifts up to left free throw line extended.
Frame 4
3 and 5 plays two-man game, 5 rolls to bucket after setting screen. If 5 is not open, 3 passes to 1. 4 sits on the left low-block.
Frame 5
1 dribbles towards 2 and executes a dribble hand-off with 2. Following dribble hand-off, 4 sprints to set ball screen for 2. 3 fades to right corner.
Frame 6
2 uses 4's ball screen. 4 rolls to the bucket. 5 pops out to three-point line. 1 fades to corner.
Frame 7
2 has several options after coming off of 4's ballscreen: 1. Look for 4 rolling. 2. 2 can drive or shoot a jumper. 3. 2 can hit 5 lifting up to top of right free throw line extended. 4. 2 passes to 3 for a corner three-pointer.


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