Full-Court Push Drill

This fast break drill improves your half court offense, transition offense, and fast break situations.   You will transition from practicing your half court offense in a 5-on-0 and transition to 5-on-3, 3-on-2, and 2-on-1 fast break situations. It is also a great way to practice transition defense in disadvantage situations. Defending in disadvantage situations over a longer period of time makes the game feel easier and results in better outcomes.
Run offense against no defense. Since I use a lot of ball screen/ motion action, that is what I run in this part of the drill. 1 dribbles to the left side of the floor. 2 cuts behind 1 and accepts hand-off. 
Frame 1
2 takes a couple of dribbles and passes to 3 on the right wing and face cuts to right corner. 5 goes to set a ball screen for 3. 1 sets a down screen for 4. Three defensive players wait on the other end of the court.  
Frame 2
3 comes off of 5's ball screen and will either go to the basket or pull-up for a jumper. Or hit 5 rolling to the basket. 5 can also pop out for a jumper. Or hit 2, 4, 1 for three-point attempt.
Frame 3
Once the offense scores, have your closest inbounder start your secondary break.
Frame 4
It is 5-on-3 until the offense scores or the defense gets the ball from a steal or rebound.
Frame 5
Once the defense gets the ball, they will attack 3-on-2 with 1 and 2 getting back. Then whoever shoots first is back on defense for 1 vs. 2.
Frame 6
The drill finishes 2-on-1.  Then start the drill over with a new five.
Frame 7
To put an emphasis on quicker decisions on offense, you can also start shot clocks during each possession to ensure players attack quickly.  In a real game, if they don't make a decision quickly, they will lose the advantage. For offense, you can practice your offense.  Since I use a lot of ball screen/motion actions that is what I run as part of the 5-0 portion of the drill. Different players get different shots depending on the position they are playing. If the offense misses in the 5-on-0 situation, they will grab the offensive rebound and score on a put-back. Another key to the drill is getting the ball out of the basket quickly and back into play with a good quick outlet.


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