Tigers: Five Out Ball Screen Play

This is a simple play that starts by overloading the weakside of the floor as spacing/operating room is paramount to the success of this pick and roll play. This play is best suited for either a four guard lineup or three guards and a stretch-four along with a post player.
2, 3, and 4 must be able to knock down perimeter shots consistently. 1 and 5 must be capable of playing a two-man game.
Frame 1
Play is initiated when 5 makes a basket cut. However, 5 does not go entirely as he stops at the lane line and sprints back to set a ball screen for 1.
Frame 2
1 looks to turn the corner and gets to rim, if possible. If 1 can't score, he will look to hit 5 on the roll or throw the ball to 4 in the corner for a three-pointer. 3 can circle over to the free throw line extended to serve as a safety valve.
Frame 3
Wrinkle To keep the defense occupied, you could have 2 and 3 exchange as 5 is going to set the ball screen for 1 or have 3 set a cross screen for 3. Now if the team sags off or "downs" the ball screen, 2 could set a fade screen for 3. 
Frame 4
Alternative Starting Formation (Five Out) In this setup, 4 would initiate the play by cutting to opposite corner. 5 would follow with his basket cut after 4 clears.
Frame 5
An Adjustment If the ball starts on the strong side, 3 can set a ball screen for 1 to get the ball on the weakside.
Frame 6
Another Alternate, this time from four down set. 2 and 3 initiates the play by making cuts to the free throw line extended and wing, respectively. 4 will then cut to weakside corner. After 4 clears, 5 comes up and sets ball screen and then rolls to bucket.
Frame 7
You can start this play a number of different ways out of the five formation. In Diagram 2, 1 could pass back and forth with 3 and/or 5 to get the defense to move the defense though this is not necessary. 


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