Real Madrid Pick And Roll

Real Madrid recently used this pick-n-roll play in a Euroleague game.   This is an excellent play as it spreads the defense and involves a difficult re-screening action that results in a pick-n-roll situation. There are two ball screens and a dribble-hand off action.
The Setup 1, 2, 3, & 4 must be capable of shooting from the perimeter. 5 must be agile and be able to finish at the rim.
Frame 1
1 initiates the play by dribbling towards 4. 4 sets a ballscreen to aid 1 in reversing the floor.  Then 4 cuts to the opposite wing. 2 slides up the wing to receive a hand-off from 1 at around the free throw line extended. 5 sets a cross screen for 3, who cuts across to the right corner.  
Frame 2
After the dribble hand-off, 1 cuts to the wing and two dribbles toward the top of the key. 5 steps up to set a ball screen for 2.
Frame 3
2 attacks the hoop off 5's ball screen.  5 sets a quick screen (quick hit) and rolls to the basket. 2 has several options once he gets into the lane:
  • Continue to the rim.
  • Hit 5 rolling to the basket.
  • Kick the ball out to 4 for a three-point attempt.
If need be, 1 can slide to the top of the key to give 2 another kickout option. 
Frame 4
Continuity If 2 kicks the ball out to 4, he will continue to the left corner. 1 cuts to the top of the key. 5 locates himself in the opposite low block.
Frame 5
A variation/continuation option: 4 dribbles toward the left corner, and hands the ball to 2. 3 walks down the baseline. 5 and 1 sets a double staggered for 3.
Frame 6
2 dribbles up the wing and looks to hit 3 coming off the double staggered screen.
Frame 7
The key to the play is to keep the initial spacing. This play can be run to either side.  You will want the screening "Big" to start on the same side as your point guard.  In order for this play to be successful, you need to put specific players that are capable of doing the things that are required (i.e. you need your 4 to be able to stretch the floor, because if he can't that will shrink the operating room on your pick-n-roll). 


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