1 Up Press Breaker

Simple press breaker that works against man or zone defense.  
Man to Man Press Breaker Initial formation:  3 inbounds.  1 near FT line.  2 and 4 on sideline.  5 deep near the basket.   1 tries to get open.  2 and 4 count to two and if 1 is not open, they break up to the baseline.   If 2 and 4 are denied, they break back looking for the pass over the top.   Our point guard (1) gets very good at getting open and we get 1 the ball 90% of the time.   If 1 gets the ball, everyone clears out and 1 brings the ball up.  
Frame 1
If 1 is faced guarded and the sideline player catches the ball, 1 can cut to the basket and receive the ball for a fast break attack.  
Frame 2
Press Break Versus Zone Option 1 - Enter to 1 Initial formation is the same.  1 cuts to get open and 3 passes to 1.  
Frame 3
If 1 gets the ball, 3 steps in as a ball reversal option. 1 can now advance the ball with dribble, pass ahead or reverse the ball to 3.   Players should maintain spacing, always have a player behind the ball for reversal option, use pass fakes, and stay out of danger (trapping) areas.   Note A)  If we face a 2-2-1 press, we often bring the 5 flashing to the middle after the ball is entered to form a 2-1-2 alignment.  The 2-1-2 alignment works better for us against a good 2-2-1 press.  Note B) If you face a team that brings 3 players up in a zone (ex: aggressive diamond press), then we often throw a baseball pass over the defense to the 2 or 4 at mid court.  The passer may need to fake because there is often a defender in the middle of the court looking to steal. At that point we usually have a numbers advantage.   Note C) If you face a team that double teams your point guard, then we run a 3 up press breaker to counter that.  Or if we face a team with a tall aggressive player on the ball trying to get deflections we sometimes run our 3 up press break. 
Frame 4
Keys to Breaking Press Some of the biggest keys to breaking the press are:
  • Keep spacing.  As the ball is dribbled and players move, keep spacing.
  • When breaking zone press, make sure you have ball reversal, middle, and sideline options.
  • Meet your pass.
  • Avoid trapping areas (corners, sideline, mid court).  


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