BLOB 5 - Screen the Screener

Screen the screener inbounds play.  
Option 1 4 screens for 2 .  3 looks to hit 2 for a lay up.  If 2 doesn't get the ball they immediately cut to the corner.   TIP:  Before the play starts, 5 should look to see who's guarding 4... so they screen the correct defender on the next option. 
Frame 1
Option 2 5 screeners for 4 (screen the screener). 4 cuts to weakside block looking for a lay up. Option 3 5 rolls to the ball side block looking for a lay up or to seal in the post area.  
Frame 2
Option 4 The final option is the outlet to 1 cutting to the wing. It's important for 1 to wait to make the cut as 4 starts rolling.  
Frame 3
Timing, good screens, and progressions are key.  Just like progressions for a quarterback, the inbounder should look for option 1 first, then look for option 2, and so on.  


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