BLOB Play: Four Across Screen

This baseline out-of-bounds play has been run by Xavier University men's basketball team. The play is designed to get your best scoring post player a layup.  You also have a counter with double staggered screens for your best shooter.
The Setup 1 needs to be a good ball-handler and have the ability to shoot from beyond the arc. 3 needs to be a good ball-handler and passer.   2 should also be a guard or someone that is capable of handling the ball. 4 and 5 need to be post players, as they will need to know how to create separation and have good hands.
Frame 1
4 cuts out to the free throw line. As he is using a defensive slide to keep separation as the defender will likely be denying the inbound pass. 1 will likely have to lob the inbounds pass in. 5 also releases to the elbow as a safety outlet.
Frame 2
After throwing the ball into 4, 1 will step on the court. 5 will set a wide down screen for 2 as soon as 4 catches the inbounds.  4 dribbles at 2 and hands the ball off to him. 3 cuts up to the wing.
Frame 3
As 2 is accepting the handoff, 1 goes to set a diagonal hand-off for 5. 2 looks for a quick reversal to 3. Once 3 has the ball, 5 cuts back-door off of 1's screen. If the lob is there, 3 will throw it.
Frame 4
If the lob is not there, 5 will cut across the lane for a possible post up opportunity. 2 and 4 can go set a staggered double to keep the defense occupied. 1 will cut off the double at the top of the key for a three-point shot or curl tight off the screen for a jumper from the elbow.
Frame 5
Variation: After 1 inbounds the ball to 4, 1 mills around the lane as 2 and 5 prepare to set a staggered double-screen for 1.
Frame 6
1 will come of the staggered double screen by 2 and 5 for a three-pointer around the left wing.
Frame 7


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