Bonnies: A Ball-Screen Motion Play

This play makes has multiple actions that make it difficult for the help-side defense to slide over to stop a ball screen. If they do, you should have a wide open shot on the opposite side of the floor. Additionally, there are multiple actions prior to the ball screen which brings an element of surprise to catch the defense off guard. Rather than have just the ball-screener and ball-handler in motion, this type of offense has at least four of the five offensive players moving.  This keeps good spacing and puts two or more players in position to hit the offensive boards.
Setup 1 initiates the play by bringing the ball down the right side of the floor.  4 and 5 start the play on the wings (inside the three-point line). 2 and 3 start on opposite blocks.
Frame 1
4 and 5 go set screens for 2 and 3.  2 and 3 will pop up to the wings. 1 passes the ball to 2.
Frame 2
After 2 receives 1's pass on the wing, 4 comes up to set a UCLA screen for 1. 1 makes a UCLA cut to the right low block. 4 pops up to above the three-point line.
Frame 3
2 passes to 4 at the top of the key. After 2's pass, 1 sets a back screen for 2 -- who cuts to the low block. 1 then pops out to the wing. 
Frame 4
4 passes the ball to 1 on the wing and then goes to set a ball screen for 1. 2 fakes cutting to the corner by taking a couple of steps in that direction. 3 takes a few steps down to get in position to set a double staggered  screen for 2.
Frame 5
As soon as 4 gets close to setting the ball screen for 1, 2 starts across the lane and cuts up to the wing off of the staggered double screen. After setting the ball screen, 4 can either roll to the basket or pop out to the wing for a potential jumper. 3 and 5 are in position to crash the boards if there is a shot.
Frame 6
If no shot: 1 will pop out to top of key. 3 will pop out to corner. 5 will be on the low block. 4 will be on the right wing or right low block.
Frame 7
This play can be run on either side of the floor. Scoring Opportunities
  • 1 shooting a pull-up jumper or going to the rack off of the ball screen.
  • 4 in a pick and roll or pick-n-pop opportunity.
  • 2 coming off the double staggered screens.
  • 3 or 5 finding an open spot on the floor after the screen if their defenders leave them.


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Coach C says:
3/25/2016 at 10:38:49 AM

5 should set the last pick - otherwise it is a easy switch
2 can even stay help side and defense should force baseline to kill the play


big mike says:
3/22/2016 at 8:15:01 AM

Nice. Will try with me 5th grade team.


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