BLOB 1 - Clear Diagonal

One of my all time favorite BLOB plays for youth to the high school level.  It's so simple that you're amazed it works so well.  Defenses really struggle to stop this play when it's executed properly.  
Players start in a box formation. The player closest to the ball  cuts to the corner and the player farthest from the ball cuts to the wing.   So in the diagram, 2 (shooter) cuts to the corner. And 5 rub cuts off of 4s defender and continues to the wing. For now, these two players are decoys and clearing to create space.  
Frame 1
Option 1: weak-side lay up 3 sets a diagonal screen for 4. 4 cuts to the basket looking to receive the pass for a lay up.
Frame 2
Option 2: ball-side lay up After setting the screen, 4 rolls ball side looking to receive a pass for a lay up.   3 or 4 is almost always open.  In most cases 4 is open rolling to the basket if you make a well timed bounce pass.  Both 3 and 4 should look to pin/seal their defenders if they don't get the immediate pass for a lay up.  
Frame 3
Option 3: corner pressure release As a pressure release, 2 steps into their man, seals, and holds their hand out. Option 4: wing pressure release Then 5 pops out as a final pressure release. If executed properly, it is very rare that you need to use the pressure releases.  The ball almost always gets in to 3 or 4 before you get to the pressure release options.  
Frame 4
Keys to Execution It's important for the inbounder to look at each option in order like a quarterback looking through their receiver progressions. 


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