3 FTC: Ball Screen Play out of a 1-4 High Set

This is a ball screen motion play that creates confusion and indecision for the defense. It can be used versus a match-up zone, a 2-3 zone or a  2-1-2 zone.   It utilizes proper timing of cuts and screens to attack the defense.  The play can be used as a quick hitter or as an offensive set.
Initial setup is out of a 1-4 high formation. 1, 2, & 3 should be good perimeter shooters and also be able to handle the ball. 4 & 5 are post players who should have the ability to score in the post.
Frame 1
1 passes to 3 and then cuts to the strong side corner. 4 drops down to the low block on the left side.
Frame 2
This action forces the defense to adjust and determines how we want to attack.  Most likely... x4 will bump down and x1 will pick up the ball. x5 or x2 will come over to guard high post.  If x5 does not step up to cover 5, x5 will likely slide across to the lane line to help with penetration.
Frame 3
5 goes to set ball screen for 3 who drives to the middle. After setting the ball screen, 5 rolls to the basket. 2 cuts up the lane line on the left side. 1 replaces three on the wing.
Frame 4
Wrinkle #1 follows the pass to 3 and subsequent strong side cut by 1. If x2 slides over to cover 5 in the high post, 3 can throw a skip pass to 2. 5 can move to set a screen 2 on the skip pass. 4 can also pin x3 on the weak side or slide to an open spot.
Frame 5
Wrinkle #2.  If 3 throws the ball back to 1 and 1 does not shoot, 5 who rolled off the ball screen can post up. 1 will look to enter the ball in the post. 3 pops out to the top of key or right lane line. If 1 passes the ball to 3, and 3 dribbles in 2's direction, 2 could stay on the wing or drift to the corner. After the pass, 1 can stay or find an open shot.
Frame 6
5 needs to be patient before going to set ball screen for 3.  The key to the play is to get the defense to move which will open up areas for the offense. Scoring options in order
  • 2 for an open jumper.
  • 3 coming off the screen for a jumper if x2 doesn't slide over or x3 step up.
  • 4 for a lob if x3 steps up or reacts to 2.
  • 1 on pivot pass for jumper.
  • 5 on roll to basket if x5 steps up to help to corral 3 off the dribble and/or 2 doesn't go with 5 on the screen.


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Kurt Douglas says:
4/25/2016 at 8:57:06 PM

Is there a way to print this play?


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